Why Are Your Tinder Matches Disappearing?

You found your match! That’s great, but when you check your match list your match can’t be found.

Why did it happen? Don’t worry! We have you covered! Let’s get into this article, and learn about the reasons why your Tinder matches are disappearing.

Example of Tinder Matches dissapearing

In this article, we will guide you though three 3 important questions:

  • 5 Reasons of Tinder Matches Disappearing

  • Examples of Tinder Matches Disappearing.

  • How to Fix Tinder Matches from Disappearing.

5 Reasons of Tinder Matches Disappearing

1. Tinder might be bugging. There have been reports from users that their Tinder matches are disappearing. Most of the time, it is a technical issue – a bad update or your match just moved to the bottom of your list.

2. Your match decided to leave Tinder. Another common reason on Tinder matches disappearing is people just go there if they got bored, but when they find something they can use their time they will delete their account and will leave you hanging. Move on, and find another match.

3. They got banned! If they get reported multiple times by several users that could be something or Tinder found out that they are not real or they violated Tinder’s Terms of Service. Here is a handy guide to easily get unbanned.

4. You got unmatched! This is a hard pill to swallow, but this is pretty common on dating platforms like Tinder once they don’t feel the good vibe they can choose to unmatch you or ignore you, others also claim that they swiped right by accident.

5. You messed up. You got unmatched because you may have said something unpleasant, or could it be you waited for them to message you first? Your goal is to get a conversation going in a light funny way, so don’t be afraid to say something first.

Example of Tinder Chat

Examples of Tinder Matches Disappearing

You have already been chatting with your match and then when checking back they are gone, you closed the app and they are back that is a clear example of a bug. This is one of the most common examples! Don’t worry, this is normal.

Your conversation thread is all gone, and then you get notified that you found a match with the person you are already talking to. This issue has been reported by users before.

How to Fix Tinder Matches from Disappearing

Try rebooting your phone. Most of the bugs are temporary and can be fixed easily and your Tinder matches are not really disappearing. You can also send a bug report to Tinder so they can do a quick update.

Create a new account. If your match has unmatched you, the only way to see them again is to create a new account and hope they will match you again so you can start fresh. You need to provide a new email and phone number to create an account

The 3-month reset. If you don’t want to provide a new email and phone number you can choose to delete your current account and wait for 3 months to create your account so you won’t be flagged by Tinder and risk getting banned permanently. This is not the best option since you waste 3 months waiting.

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