Tinder Vs. Match.com

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Tinder Vs. Match.Com

So you decided to take the plunge into online dating but, now what do you do?

Finding the right dating app or site that is a good fit for you can be a daunting task.

There are so many dating apps available to choose from two of the most popular dating apps to choose from are Tinder and Match.com.

In this article, we will guide you though three 3 important questions:

  • What is Tinder?

  • What is Match.com?

  • Tinder Vs. Match.com… Which Is Best?


What is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app that has both a free and paid membership service. Tinder is best known for its swipe feature.

You swipe left for someone you aren’t interested in and right for those you are.

Throughout the year’s Tinder was given a bad reputation because of the swiping feature but today more people are using Tinder than ever before.

Other features included with Tinder are:

  • Tinder allows its free users up to 100 swipes a day. Free members are also eligible for one super like a day. By super liking someone you increase your chances of a match by three times.
  • Tinder has many detailed options and filters on its profiles. Tinder has a lot of profile details like someone’s age, location, mutual interests.
  • With their paid membership users are given unlimited swipes and up to five super likes a day.
  • Tinder has a very simple sign-up and log-in process. You can log in using your Facebook or Google information and do not have to worry about the long registration process involved with other dating apps.

Tinder paid membership

Tinder has paid membership services that are separated into three different tiers, Platinium, Gold, and Plus.

There are two different price points for those younger than thirty and those older than thirty.

There are many different payment options for but a one-year subscription for those younger than thirty the prices are:

  1. Platinum Membership- $79.99
  2. Gold Membership- $59.99
  3. Plus Membership- $19.99

The prices for a one-year subscription to Tinder for those older than thirty are:

  1. Platinum Membership- $149.99
  2. Gold Membership- $119.99
  3. Plus Membership- $39.99

What is Match.com?

Match.com is the self-proclaimed number one dating site. Match.com may not be the number one dating site but it just might be the oldest.

The website debuted in 1995! There is a mobile app for Match.com but there are no special features in addition to the mobile app.

It looks and acts the same as the website.

Match.com has many unique features such as:

  • You are able to see who has liked you and super liked you.
  • With Match.com you are able to send and receive “winks”. Winks are a way to virtually flirt with someone much like a wink in real life is used for flirting.
  • Match.com boasts over 21.5 million users.
  • The questions that are asked are some of the most comprehensive screening questions of any dating app.


Some of the questions include:
Longest Relationship
Dating Intentions

Match.com also has a premium membership service. The prices for these services are:

  • 1 Month- $35.99
  • 3 Months- $19.99
  • 6 Months- $17.99
  • 12 Months- $15.99
match.com website

Tinder Vs. Match.com… Which Is Best?

Match.com has had over twenty years of experience in the online dating industry so as far as best dating apps go, that is a huge benefit.

Also, Match.com’s premium membership pricing is much easier to figure out than Tinders. Match.com is separated by months whereas Tinder’s is separated by age, tiers, and payment plans.

Tinder is the cool and modern version of Match.com and has gone on to see many of its users in both long-term and casual relationships, including myself.

Tinder also has a very simple user interface that is easy for anyone of any age to figure out.

Match.com does all the work for you. Besides filling out your profile and answering a few questions, there really isn’t much for you to do.

Match.com does the matching for you.

Tinder has you actively engaging in the match process by swiping either right, left, or up.

Both Tinder and Match.com have a free option so, you do not have to pay those premium costs while looking for love.

Conclusion Tinder Vs. Match.com

There is no clear winner when it comes to the question of which is better, Tinder or Match.com.

Both are great for either long-term or short-term relationships, they both have a free and member-only service, and where Match.com has been around a long time, Tinder is a more modern option for online dating today.

The choice is up to you.

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