TINDER Shadow Ban TOP 5 signs- (How to fix it)

Have you been banned or Shadow banned in the past?

or want to avoid being Shadow banned in the future?

Then you are at the right place.

Here we will lay out all the fundamental, what it is, and share top tips to avoid it.

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Being Shadow banned: What is does that mean?

So you have been Shadow banned? There are many different ways of describing the phenomenon: such as:

  • ghost banning,
  • stealth banning or
  • comment ghosting

It effectively means that the services are partially blocking you from using an application from their content.

Usually, it is not readily apparent that the user has been banned…

You are still able to access all content..

In the next section we will describe how you can notice this and what you can do it prevent it!

Main Symptoms

  • You might not receive any messages any more from your current matches.

  • Tinder has sent you a warning sign via the app or email.

  • Tinder has sent you a warning sign via the app or email.

How to avoid being Shadow banned

How to avoid being Shadow banned

Tinder has listed shared their main reasons for breaking Tinders’ rules in the community guidelines.

Alright got it..

but can we just reset our app/phone and start swiping again?

Sadly, it is not that easy..

Tinder collects a number of information about you such as:

  • Your phone number

  • IP address

  • Google account/Apple ID

  • Your photos

  • Social media (Spotify, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Credit card or Paypal information

Therefore, we need to make sure we replace this information!

As a result, Tinder thinks we have created a completely new and fresh account.

Creating a fresh Tinder Account

Step #1: Deleting Tinder

First of all, his one sounds easy, and luckily it is if we don’t put much sentimental value to it..

Just head over to your Tinder account settings and confirm that you are deleting the account.

Don’t worry, you will get plenty of matches again after we go through all the steps!

Step #2: Remove Tinder from Facebook

Your tinder account is most likely integrated with your Facebook account when you signed up the first time.

As a result, Tinder is integrated with your social media and we need to make sure you delete the app in the 3rd party settings.

So, Go to settings

Head over to the Apps and websites page.

Finally, search for the tinder icon in the Apps and Websites page and make sure you delete it.

Step #3: Buy a new SIM for Tinder

Now it’s time to go to your local shop and get a sim only card.

This will make sure you start fresh. As a result, Tinder will handle it as a new account.

Step #4: Create a new Google account or Apple ID for Tinder

Your google account or apple ID are also most likely linked to your tinder account when downloading the app.

Tinder collects all of this information.

We need to make sure we make a new google/apple account.

In the apple page/google sign in page, create a new account

Step #5: Download Tinder back on your phone

Once the above steps are done, it is time to finally reinstall Tinder again with your new google or apple account.

Creating a new account should only take a few seconds…

Step #6: Setting up a your new Tinder account

When you installed the new account, make sure you upload a set of new photo’s and use a new paying method when buying premium.

We made a handy guide listing all the essentials of taking good photo’s and getting tons of matches.

To conclude, you will have to reset your account and get a new sim card for your phone by following the above steps.

Now, you can enjoy all of the features Tinder has to offer!

To add some good photo’s check out our guide to make the perfect tinder photo’s and get tons of likes!

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