Tinder Sex Guide (Beginner’s Guide 2022)

You can use Tinder for quick flings or long-term relationships.

Apps and sites like Hinge and eHarmony are the usual places where one would go to look for a more serious relationship.

Whereas apps like Ashley Madison and Be Naughty are for quick hookups.

Example of picture Tinder for Married people.

The bulk of the users on Tinder are Millennials. The dating app is growing more and more popular each day.

People can use Tinder just for sex and for dating. You can find whatever it is you are looking for on Tinder.

You can even find a partner for a threesome there too!

In this article, we will guide you through five 5 important questions:

  • How Does Tinder Work?

  • How Guys Looking For Hookups on Tinder Fail?

  • How You Can Attract Tinder Hookup Matches?

  • How To Use Tinder For Sex?

  • How To Make The Best Tinder Profile?

Example of picture Tinder for Married people.


How Does Tinder Work?

You can’t rely on luck alone when using Tinder. You will have to do more to ensure you get matches. You must create an account like on other dating apps.

You will enter your information, fill out a bio, and add pictures. Make sure to add your interests.

Your Location

Your location is the most critical aspect of Tinder as the app uses your location to find potential matches in your area. Location services need to be on and active when you are using Tinder.

You will find matches on Tinder by swiping either left or right. You will swipe left on those you are not interested in and right on those you are.

It is safe for women to date because they can only talk to someone they have already swiped right on. If someone begins to give you a bad feeling, you can always unmatch them.

How Guys Looking For Hookups on Tinder Fail?

Men who do not get matches may be treating women poorly on the app or just have bad luck.

Some other reasons why men are failing on Tinder are:

  • The conversation is too long and drawn out
  • The conversation is too deep and serious
  • Fewer matches
  • Lucky to get first date but couldn’t seal the deal
  • Sending out the wrong message

How You Can Attract Tinder Hookup Matches

Men have always had issues understanding what it is a woman wants. Women definitely enjoy sex just as much as men do. The thing is, men usually opt for casual sex more than a woman would.

Always be honest and be yourself; that is the most important way to attract hookup matches on Tinder.

  • If you’re a player or a ladies’ man, that’s fine! Just be honest about who you are and what you are looking for.

Your match may not fall in love with you, but they’ll probably sleep with you. Make your intentions clear. Do not be deceitful.

 tinder sex

How To Use Tinder For Sex

If you are on Tinder, you will begin to see that confidence is most attractive in a potential match.

Bad boys have a lot of confidence but little reliability. Good guys can be boring and insecure but are very reliable.

Though not a stereotype, this is reality, and you should be looking for a balance of reliability and confidence.

  • When confident, don’t push too far or be too cocky, as those are turn-offs.

Confident men know how to take control of a situation. They know what they want, and they go for it.

tinder sex profile

How To Make The Best Tinder Profile?

  1. You will need to create a Tinder account.

The easiest way to do this is to use Facebook to log into Tinder.

By signing in through Facebook, you will be able to use all the data they input and have access to your Facebook photos.

You can also sign up using email and connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts later.

tinder sex profile

2. Choose the right pictures for your profile.

Many people do not take their pictures seriously, but it is the most crucial feature that Tinder offers.

  • Choose images that show how hot you are but in a natural setting.

Make it clear you are only there for a hookup. Don’t inundate your profile with selfies. One selfie is more than enough.

Share a formal pic if you have one, as ladies love a man in a suit. A pet pic is one way to ensure you will get Tinder matches. A picture holding a puppy shows you are loving and compassionate.

Post a photo of you enjoying an outdoor activity like riding a bike. Outdoor pics are a tasteful way to show you what you got.

  • Gym selfies can make you look like a narcissist.

Taking a picture of you outdoors and hiking is a great excuse to show off your abs and muscular biceps. Group photos will also show that you have friends and are not a creepy pervert sitting behind the computer screen.

What to avoid when posting pictures on Tinder:

  • Don’t post grainy pictures.
  • Don’t choose a selfie as your primary first picture.
  • Don’t post photographs obscuring your face.
  • Don’t post more than one group photo.

3. Write a quality Tinder bio. Your bio is a place where you can write all of your details, likes, and dislikes.

You only have so much space to write your bio, so aim for quality over quantity. Make your bio short and sweet.

Be unique! There are three times more men on Tinder than women, so the competition can be stiff.

Make her feel something, like curiosity. This way, she will want to know more about you.

Try to make your bio between three and four sentences. Don’t be too direct, as then you can sound needy.

4. Choose a proper conversation opener. Display your creativity. Also, always send the first message. Remember, confidence is vital. Use puns, gifs, memes, and sarcasm.

Look at your matches profile to design a custom convo opener just for them. They will appreciate the time you took to read their profile.

5. Pick good conversation topics. Don’t talk about your school or job. Keep it casual.

6. Be seductive. Be funny. Emotionally engage your match. Add a bit of sexual undertone to the conversation to pique your match’s interest.

7. Make your intentions clear right away. Don’t be too explicit but make it clear you aren’t looking for a real relationship. Don’t be forceful.

The “Would You Rather” game is a great way to start a flirty conversation.

8. Don’t go out to dinner and a movie as your date. A great date idea is to meet at a store, buy ingredients for dinner and drinks.

Cook a meal together, then put on a movie. It is a more romantic version of Netflix and chill.

9. Be a good person and respectful. Always use protection. Send a text after and let them know you had a good time.

tinder sex profile


If you are looking to succeed on Tinder, you will want to refer back to this article.

Remember to be confident and sexy but never forceful and needy. If you follow those steps, you will definitely have some Tinder sex in your future.

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