How to send a picture on tinder chat

For sure, you are wondering how you can send a pic on Tinder.

Maybe you want to prove that you are not fake, or you just want to exchange images.

Unfortunately, the short answer is YOU CAN’T because Tinder doesn’t have this feature.

However, we have some ways on how you can do this.

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Example of picture Tinder for Married people.

Can You Send A Pic On Tinder?

In this article, we will guide you though three 2 important questions:

  • How To Send A Picture On Tinder Chat?

  • Why Does Tinder Take So Long To Upload Photos?


How To Send A Picture On Tinder Chat?

First, you can send a photo via link. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to or
  2. Upload your photo
  3. Grab or copy the link
  4. Send it to your Tinder match

Tinder may recognize it as a malicious link and can get you banned.

Instead of “,” send it like this “prnt sc/20y60”. Then, tell your match to remove the space between “prnt” and “sc” and replace it with a “.” (period).

You may find that demanding, so let’s move to the next option, uploading a new photo in your profile.

Once done, let your match know so they can see. Then, you can delete it if you want.

Lastly, bring the conversation out of Tinder and go to a social media platform where you can send anything. Indeed, this is your best option.

Why Does Tinder Take So Long To Upload Photos?

For sure, a lot have experienced this and here are the common reasons:

First of all, make sure your internet connection is working well. This is the easiest way to do since it is in your control.

Secondly, the Tinder servers are taking long to load the pictures due to the high traffic volume. Thus, try to wait a little more while you upload your photos.

Check your image file

Finally, check your image file as it might be corrupted or wrong format.

You might not notice it, but some photos get corrupted due to phone or computer crashes or memory limits.

Luckily, there lot of third-party software that can fix this.

To sum up, there are ways you can share photos on Tinder. The best option is to communicate via other platforms.

Additionally, be careful in sending links on Tinder, as you can get banned.

When it comes to uploading photos, try to wait a little longer if it is slow.

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