My First Time Using Tinder

The first time I used Tinder, I was 27 years old.

I had never been in a real relationship before and felt it was about time to put myself out there.

At the time, I was working full-time in a school and going to college part-time online.

I had zero free time, and I had no time to go out and look for dates because of my packed schedule.

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My First Time Using Tinder

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My First Time Using Tinder

Online dating was not something I ever saw myself participating in. I am a crime junkie.

I know the dangers of dating apps, but I made myself a Tinder account after thinking it over.

I made the account because I came to the realization that no matter where you meet on a date, whether it be at work, at a bar, or online, there will always be safety risks.

I trusted myself to know if a situation feels unsafe, and I read up on ways to stay safe while using Tinder and got straight to swiping.

My First Tinder Date

I am a huge superhero geek. Before I first signed up for a Tinder account, I had just gotten a Spiderman tattoo. Of course, I showed off my new tat on my profile to hopefully find like-minded guys to hang out with.

As I was mindlessly swiping right, a burst of red caught my eye, a Spiderman costume.

The wearer’s name was Kyle, and he was dressed from head to toe in Spiderman gear. I immediately swiped right.

I don’t remember who messaged who first, but we automatically clicked and started talking about superheroes’ love of everything. As we talked about work, we realized we had a mysterious connection.

I had worked with his ex-girlfriend for ten years before! This guy seemed legit to me, but just to be sure, we decided to have our first date during the day and in a public location.

Tinder Date

How Successful Was It?

I showed up to the date in my superhero hoodie, which clearly impressed my date. When my date asked me to pick the restaurant, I went with the most high-end one available, who knew if this date would work out or not, I at least deserved a delicious meal for my troubles.

To my surprise, there were no awkward silences or lulls in conversations. We conversed the whole evening. After the date was over, I went home alone, but we did make plans to see each other again.

That date happened two and a half years ago, and today, my date and I are newly engaged. Many people are under the assumption that Tinder is just a hook-up app.

Tinder is great for casual hook-ups, but it is also great for those looking for something more serious. My fiancé and I are living proof of that.

Tinder Date Tips

Tips and Tricks

It wasn’t easy getting my fiancé to swipe right on me, though. I had to put work into my profile to get him interested enough to know more. Let me share with you my tips and tricks on how to get a guy on Tinder!

  1. You need to have great pictures on your profile. Many people make the mistake of posting all selfies, but you have to mix it up. Show off your adventurous side by posting pictures of you doing a daring activity. Or maybe hire a professional photographer to snap a few shots for you.
  2. You will get lots of swipes from curious potential dates, which will wonder if you are a celebrity? A model? Professional photo shoots will have your next date interestingly scratching his head.
  3. When I first went on a date with my now fiancé, I stayed safe the whole time. First, I had my own transportation to and from the date, so I didn’t have to rely on him to take me home. That would be incredibly awkward if the date didn’t go well.
  4. I made sure the date took place during the day and in a crowded, neutral location. I also avoided giving out my address until after our second date.
  5. Even though I did indulge in a glass or two of wine, I stayed sober and had my wits about me the entire time. If you get drunk on a first Tinder date, not only can you give off a wrong impression, but you may potentially put yourself in an unsafe situation. Don’t be afraid to let loose and have a little fun, just be aware of your surroundings at all times and stay sober.


There is a common misconception that Tinder is a hook-up app and doesn’t work for those looking for something more serious, but that is simply not true.

Tinder has a great mix of potential dates for a long-term romance or just a casual hook-up.

My first Tinder date was a success. Yours could be too.

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