Are Dating Apps Taboo? (in 2022)

People often wonder if dating apps are taboo. Dating apps are not taboo, contrary to how people treat them.

There are still couples out there today who will lie to their family and friends about how they met because they are too embarrassed to tell them the truth, that they met on a dating site.

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Are Dating Apps Taboo

This article will be explaining why dating apps aren’t taboo and why you should be proud to be in one.

For some reason, people still believe dating apps are taboo.

There are many people who will say that you don’t know who you are meeting. That is true but you don’t know someone you meet in person at first either.

You have to be safe and take precautions to protect yourself no matter how you meet someone.

Always let someone know where you are going to be, check-in periodically, and meet in a public place for the first few dates.

In this article, we will guide you through two 2 important questions:

  • Is there a stigma around online dating?

  • Is it embarrassing to be on a dating app?

Embarrassed To Be On A Dating App


Is There A Stigma Around Online Dating?

Yes, there is a stigma around online dating. Couples are still embarrassed to admit they met on an online dating site.

Although there are 30.4 million online dating app users in the United States, people still feel shame and guilt about using Tinder or OKCupid to find love.

Dating apps are not taboo and there should not be a stigma around them.

During the quarantine, online dating became more common since people were stuck at home and couldn’t meet people the old-fashioned way.

Intentional Dating

A lot of people still believe that users of dating apps are desperate.

These people believe that users of dating apps can’t meet someone in real life and they have to settle for someone on the internet.

Most users of dating apps use online dating because they are too busy to go out and meet people.

We also live in a virtual world and everyone always has their phones on them so it is easier to stay in contact with someone you are dating.

Is It Embarrassing To Be On A Dating App?

It is not embarrassing to be on a dating app! There have been many relationships and marriages to come out of online dating, including mine.

My fiancé and I have always been honest about how we met. We embrace it. Meeting on a dating app is our story and I am proud of it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Being on apps

The only reason online dating apps and sites exist is that people want to use them. Meeting someone on Tinder is no different than if you were to meet someone in a bar.

If you were approached by someone in a bar you weren’t interested in, you would politely turn them away.

By swiping left on Tinder, you are virtually doing the same thing. Only this time you can avoid the awkward eye contact that comes with it.

If you feel embarrassed to be on a dating app then maybe you shouldn’t be using one.

Feeling uncomfortable

Meeting someone on a platform in which you feel uncomfortable is not going to be a good start to your relationship. Also, it is not fair to your partner to lie about where you met. Your story is important.

By lying about your use of dating apps you are feeding into the stigma that online dating is taboo.

In order to change the public’s mind about dating apps, you have to embrace the culture of online dating and show outsiders how normal it is.

Show them that regular, everyday, hard-working people use dating apps and that it isn’t just for creepy, scary men who sit alone at their computers all day.


Although there are many people who still believe that dating apps are taboo, they are not.

Thirty percent of American adults use dating apps. Online dating is becoming more common every day.

Don’t lie about using online dating. Break the stigma and be honest next time someone asks where you met your boyfriend or girlfriend!

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