Tinder for Married People – 2021 Guide, Everything you need to know!

Tinder is used by millions of people with different purposes. For example, people use Tinder for hookups or to go out and explore a city together.

Example of picture Tinder for Married people.

Using dating apps when married can be an option for many people. In this guide we will show you how it can be done!

In this article, we will guide you through three 3 important questions:

  • Should married people be on Tinder?

  • How do I check if my partner has a Tinder account?

  • Can you hide your Tinder account from your friends and family?

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Should married people be on Tinder?

Are you married? Or, do you know someone that is married and want to find out if it is OK to be on Tinder?

The short answer is YES it is OK!

Is Tinder good for cheating?

Did you know, that of all Tinder users about 40% are in relationship or are Married!

Many people use it for different reasons.

But, if we look at the numbers a huge amount of people are in Relationship or are Married.

How can we use that to your advantage?

let’s find out and see how to use Tinder for married affairs.

How to check if your partner has Tinder?

You have been together for a while. Maybe you are in a relationship or have been married for a couple of years. You know each other really well.

But, one day you sense that your partner is not there with in the moment. Something is up you think…

This doesn’t have to mean that he or she is on a dating app.

Married woman on Tinder might be looking for new friends to hang out with on the weekends.

Married men on Tinder might be looking for some buddies to go fishing.

But, we can always make sure by first asking him or her.

Example of choice to use Tinder when married


How to Not: Get caught on Tinder if you are Married

You might want to use Tinder to search for some friends and not necessarily for Tinder hookups.

If you still don’t want you partner to find out that you are using Tinder.

You can,

1. Create another Facebook account solely for this purpose. So that you minimise risk seeing any related people.

2. Create another Tinder account with pictures where you face is hidden.

3. Use Tinder in another town further away. Using Tinder Passport.

First of all, it’s critical that you should probably not use it in the same town that you are living in.

People that you know will stumble upon your account eventually and they might alert you spouse.

As a result, use Tinder Passport to start matching with people a bit further where you don’t know anyone.

How to find someone on tinder

How to: Find your Partner on Tinder!

You can only search and find someone that you are already matched with.

However, luckily there are some other options available if you haven’t matched with the person yet.

Searching via Tinder location

If you think you know the location of where that person is, try and change your location by using the passport feature. This way you will have a way higher chance of seeing the person in the deck.

Searching by Tinder Username

Tinder makes it’s users choose a name in a URL format: ‘’tinder.com@yourname’’

Tinder allows you to search via URL. Therefore, you can try and search the name via the URL

Online Tinder search tools

There are various online websites that have search tools. Or that do endless swiping for you, trying to find the person you are looking for. Accuracy varies a lot. I would advice against using these tools as it’s probably against Tinder’s rules.

Verdict: Tinder for Married People, Yes or No?

Tinder for married people can be an option for many couples that are looking for friends, threesomes and other things.

However, if you want to keep it a secret for your partner that you are using Tinder, things can become a bit tricky.

If your only intent is to chat out of boredom, sure that’s fine. But, please think twice when doing things that you are trying to keep hidden from your partner.

To conclude, the best way is being honest to your partner and treat others like you would like to be treated yourself.

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