Should you use Tinder for Friends – 2021 Guide?

Tinder is the number one app when it comes to dating, hook-up, or long-term relationships, marriage, but, should you make friends via Tinder?

In this article, you will know the pros and cons that would help you decide if it is a good app for you, and how to find friends on Tinder.

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In this article, we will guide you though three 3 important questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of searching for friends on Tinder?

  • How you can find Friends on Tinder?

  • How to start a conversation when looking or Tinder for Friends?

Pros of using Tinder for friends

A lot of people you can connect with…

There are 57 million Tinder users in 2021 which means you can find people who are there to find friends as well. Tinder has added the “Tinder Social” feature that allows anyone to create a group and interact with other groups to plan meet-ups. Surely, you can find people who want to build friendships too.

Chatting first on Tinder before you meet in person…

One of the perks of meeting people online is you can see if your match is compatible with you, they may be too forward for you, too serious, or too shy. Use this to your advantage before meeting people in person.

Everyone is welcome on Tinder…

There is no discrimination. Tinder allows you to search for same-sex connections, which is a good thing for the LGBTQ+ community or if you are looking to find friends of the same sex.

Example of choice to use Tinder when married


Cons of using Tinder for friends

Not easy to find REAL friends…

Remember that Tinder is originally used to find hookups and romantic relationships.

Some people may act like they are looking for friends but are just trying to score on you, this is not totally a bad thing since some romantic relationships started as friends, but it can ruin the relationship if they are placed in the friend zone.

There can be Tinder POSERS…

Any social media platform will have posers and it can’t be eliminated easily. To combat this you can choose to swipe only to those who are verified. Getting verified on Tinder proves that “you’re the real you,” and are not a catfisher.

How you can find Friends on Tinder

-Be clear in your profile that you are there to look for friends so everyone will know why you are there.

Post photos of you doing what you like it could be playing sports, mountain climbing, or cycling this way you can attract people who have the same likes as you.

Use the Tinder Social feature this is a great way to start as you might have a hard time finding friends on the regular page.

How to start a conversation on Tinder

Don’t wait for them to say something first, give them a good opener like a compliment about their likes, notice your similarities, or ask a question.

Bring the fun by sending GIFs, everyone loves it and clears the tone as well. According to an article from Business Insider ( GIFs increase your chance of getting a response.

Introduce yourself, let them know about you but don’t focus too much on yourself, make them talk and you listen. People are more interested in themselves and if you listen to them you will be very likeable.

Mention something you both have done, if you both like trekking you can say “When was the last time you trekked, can you recommend a really good site?”. That would make an ongoing conversation since you are both interested in the topic.

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