Tinder For Couples

It is 2021 and, people are re-evaluating what the new normal is in regards to dating. Is Tinder for couples really a thing?

Yes it is!

A recent study has shown that over six million Americans use the popular dating app Tinder. Clearly, Tinder is the app of choice for singles when it comes to dating but, what about couples?

If two people are in a relationship and are looking for a third partner, is Tinder a good dating app to find someone?

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Couples looking for an online date is still considered a taboo practice and, partners can have a hard time knowing where to start when it concerns finding a third companion.

This article will let you know if Tinder is a good dating app for couples and, if you decide to use Tinder as a couple, this article will also tell you all the different things couples can use Tinder for. You will learn:

  • Pros and Cons of Using Tinder for Couples

  • Why would Couples use Tinder?

  • Should Couples use Tinder?

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Pros and Cons of using Tinder for Couples

As with all dating sites, Tinder has its list of pros and cons.

In addition to the typical list of pros and cons that can be used on dating sites, when it comes to using the app for couples, there is a whole other list of pros and cons to consider.

The Cons

Tinder was not intended to be used for couples. Other dating apps will allow you to link couples accounts, or they might permit you to make twin accounts. Tinder does not let you do either of these options because Tinder was not meant to be used by couples. Since Tinder was not designed to be used to couples, you will find fewer people are willing to be a third in a relationship.

Instead, what a couple may do is to make one female profile. The couple may then set the settings to looking for other females. You might get matches but, you might not get any dates because people do not like being deceived on dating apps and, pretending to be just one person when you are indeed a couple is creepy, and you will scare people off by doing that.

Tinder also gives its users a limited number of swipes per day. If you need more swipes than that, you can purchase either the Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus service. Free users of Tinder also get one free Super Like. Super Likes are used to let potential matches that you are very interested in them. If that person matches you as well, then the two of you can begin messaging!

Pros of Tinder for Couples

A pro to using Tinder is that it is a simple dating app to use.

Users swipe left or right depending on if they are interested in pursuing a conversation with a person.

If a person also swipes right on you (Swiping left means not while swiping right means hot), you will receive a notification that you matched and, then you can begin your fun and flirty conversation.

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Why would Couples use Tinder?

There are many different reasons why a couple would use a dating app like Tinder. One of those reasons is because they want to be in a throuple.

A throuple, which is the words couple and three together, is a romantic relationship between three different people. Throuples are committed couples just instead of a duo; they’re a trio.

There are many people who use dating apps and have no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with someone. Many people use the dating app for fun, flirting and, friends. Couples can be looking for someone to spend their free time with, go on dates with, or just have a one-time, one-night stand.

Should Couples use Tinder?

When it comes to using Tinder as a couple, it probably isn’t a good idea.

First off, Tinder was never intended for that sort of use so, its users aren’t looking for that type of relationship.

If you are looking for a third person to join your relationship you are better off using a dating app that is made for couples.

If you do use Tinder as a couple, most likely, you will have to deceive someone at first and trick them into swiping right on you.

To avoid deception and begin your newest endeavor on honest terms, use a different dating app besides Tinder if you are a couple.

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