The Perfect Tinder Bio for Men – Guide 2022 (+7 Tips)

“How do I create the perfect Tinder Bio for Men?” Creating a good bio will attract lot’s of attention and is a great way for people to get to know you.

and of course you will also gain many more likes and matches!

Let’s take a look!

tinder bio for men introduction

How do we get started..?

After having created great profile pictures we want to focus on the bio to complement the pictures and overall feel of the profile. We want to fill in that blank space in your bio

Should I create a Tinder bio?

Although we have had many people at Tinder Pixel that have had tons of success we find that having a bio greatly increases the time a user spends looking at your profile. Moreover, a Tinder Bio let’s your potential men/woman know who you are and why they should swipe!

How do I write a Bio for Tinder?

Keeping it short

  • As a golden rule keep your bio to a couple of sentences.


First of all, we really don’t need to go over the top…

You aim should be less than 400 characters for your bio.

Focus on your values and priorities.

Use Pro’s and Con’s to highlight some fun anecdotes like seen below!

tinder bio for men: Example profile

Tinder Bio Mentioning your height

Some people will find this one a bit tricky….

“Should I really add my height?”

It may sounds a bit silly but we as humans pay attention to a lot of details and especially the height of their mates. Some men like short women others love tall women.

Be honest though as people really value honesty especially if you arrive at the date and you happen to be a lot shorter..

This will also help limit your matches to people who are looking for the exact person you are!

What not to write in your Tinder Bio

To conclude, try to stay away from long sentences and paragraphs that don’t seem to lead anywhere.

-Stay away from cheesy jokes.

-Don’t seem to desperate instead focus on funny anecdotes or passions in life

-Finally, check your spelling and grammar. People generally swipe left on someone who has poor grammar. There are all kinds of people on there from lawyers to doctors so make sure you pay attention if you want to date a great person!

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