Platonic Sugar Daddy – How to find one (2022)

There are different types of sugar daddies in the sugar industry.

Many sugar babies want a platonic relationship with a sugar daddy, but they aren’t sure how to go about finding one. They don’t know who are platonic sugar daddies and what they desire.

You have come to the right place if you are interested in finding a platonic sugar daddy.

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What is A Platonic Sugar Daddy?

If you use sugar daddy sites like or, it will be hard to find a platonic sugar daddy.

A platonic sugar daddy is an older man who seeks a non-sexual relationship with a younger woman.

They want a relationship that will benefit both themselves and their sugar baby.

Gifts from their sugar daddy

Sugar babies looking to be in a platonic sugar relationship will get monetary aid or gifts from their sugar daddy.

When times get tough, the sugar daddy will have the emotional support to talk to.

But, what does a platonic sugar daddy really mean?

To define a platonic sugar relationship would be to say that the sugar daddy is looking for someone to appreciate him for who he is and not what he’s worth.

Being in a platonic relationship with a sugar daddy is like being in a relationship without sex for a sugar baby.

You will have to treat your sugar daddy like he is your boyfriend.

Platonic sugar daddies are looking for younger females that they can take on dates or to various events or functions.

The emotional toll

New sugar babies want a platonic relationship, but many don’t realize the emotional toll on them.

Platonic sugar dating will require a lot of your time.

You could thrive in this sort of relationship or fail; it is up to you and how you treat platonic sugar dating.

Sugar dating may involve a lot of complaining from your sugar daddy that you will have to listen to.

If you can’t do that, then maybe traditional sugar dating is the best route for you.

What is A Platonic Arrangement Really?

A platonic arrangement is like dating but without sex. Many people think that platonic sugar dating is a myth.

But, there are many men online still looking for a platonic sugar relationship.

Older men are the ones who usually are seeking a platonic sugar relationship.

When married?

Usually, they are married. A busy, successful man is too busy to have meaningful relationships. They want someone they can confide in and who will understand them.

If you are a sugar baby in a platonic sugar relationship, you will have to designate some time per week to your sugar daddy.

Go on dates with him to the museum, the movies, or dancing.

Your sugar daddy may even take you on a trip with him. Sugar daddies also want to help their sugar babies thrive in their career and wants to give them advice.

This opportunity is fantastic for young women looking to get their foot in the door in the industry they are interested in.

How Do You Find A Platonic Sugar Daddy?

People do not believe that platonic sugar relationships exist. They assume that someone will ask for sex in the relationship at some point.

If you explore sugar dating websites and apps, you will find there are, in fact, men looking for a platonic relationship with a female. There are no platonic sugar dating apps.

In their heading or bio, you will find what a man seeks. Make sure to read through profiles thoroughly to see which ones are looking for a platonic relationship.

Sugar Daddy

You can even find platonic sugar daddies in the real world. There are dissatisfied, lonely men everywhere. Take a look around next time you go out and look for an older man running errands alone or out to eat alone. An older man will have a hard time turning down a beautiful younger woman.

Make sure to visit places that an older man might go to. Try and look at gold clubs or social clubs. Once you have set your sights on a man, it is time to act.

Buy them a drink

Offer to buy them a drink and start a spontaneous conversation. Ask him about his life to determine if he is sugar daddy material. Support him always in everything he says.

When he suggests meeting again, let him know you are struggling financially, so you won’t be able to do anything for free.

If he agrees, then great; if he doesn’t offer you financial assistance, just move on to another older man.

Where to Find a Platonic Sugar Daddy?

Gold clubs are where older men spend most of their time. Rich men go to the gold course to relax, so it is the perfect time to begin a conversation with one.

If he doesn’t respond to your flirting, do not get offended. He just isn’t interested.

Don’t go looking for a sugar daddy on social media. Many aren’t sure what it is and don’t know how to use it.

How to Land a Platonic Sugar Daddy?

Use your personality instead of your sex appeal when looking to land a platonic sugar daddy. Your figure has nothing to do with a platonic relationship. Your sugar daddy is looking for someone to lean on and vent to. Body size doesn’t matter for that.

Always there for him

Prove to your platonic sugar daddy that you will always be there for him no matter what. Always respond to their calls or messages and meet up with them whenever you can.

A platonic sugar relationship may be more time-consuming than a traditional relationship because you must be present. Really what a platonic sugar daddy is looking for a nice, kind female who will support and listen to them.

Creating a profile

How Much do Platonic Sugar Daddies Pay?

Usually, platonic sugar daddies pay higher than traditional ones.

Most of these men are very rich and don’t mind spending money on their sugar babies.

Besides setting an allowance, your sugar daddy may take you on trips and buy you gifts.

Platonic sugar relationships usually do not require exclusivity, so you can have another sugar daddy on the side even if they do not pay very much.

How to Protect Yourself From Scammers

A true platonic sugar daddy will never ask you for sex. That is one significant way to differentiate between a real, genuine person and a scammer.

Any sugar daddies who ask for your personal information might be scammers. So be careful!