Best Sugar Dating Apps (Where to start?)

Sugar dating is gaining popularity.

Finding a sugar mama can still be challenging. Many sites require high fees.

This post will list the highlights of the best sugar mama dating sites.

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Seeking Arrangements


  • Popular sugar dating platform
  • Over a decade in the business
  • Free for sugar babies


  • Many scammers
  • Cougars not looking for a sugar relationship


Seeking Arrangments is the most popular online sugar dating site with over ten years of experience matching sugar babies with sugar partners. This sugar dating site is not just for sugar mamas. Sugar daddies appear on the site as well.

There are over 20 million active users on Seeking Arrangments. 55% of the sugar babies are college-aged students. The average age of a sugar baby is 25 years of age. Sugar mamas average at about 35 through 45 years old. Most of the sugar mamas on here come from high society.

Ease of use

The sugar dating app is easy to use even if you know nothing about technology. The desktop version is very similar to popular social networks. There is also a great app, but it is only compatible with Android devices. You also can’t delete the app’s account; you must use the desktop version.

Seeking Arrangements Costs

This sugar dating app is free for all sugar babies. Seeking Arrangements has a Sugar Baby University program. This program is for sugar babies looking to pay their rent or tuition. They then connect with a sugar partner who wants to cover those expenses.

FAQ about Seeking Arrangements

How can I find sugar mamas in my city?

Seeking Arrangments has a unique feature that allows a sugar partner within a 100-mile radius of their location.

Can you scammed on Seeking Arrangements?

Yes. It is straightforward to get scammed on Seeking Arrangements. Scammers will target both male and female sugar babies and sugar partners. Remember never to give out personal information.

How successful is Seeking Arrangements?

Seeking Arrangements is the most successful sugar dating app. It should take approximately 3-5 days to connect with a sugar baby or sugar mama.


Seeking Arrangements is the oldest and most popular sugar dating app.

There is an easy-to-use website as well as an app. It is free to use for all sugar babies. You will be able to send photos and send or receive gifts.

Sudy App


  • High-quality profiles
  • Millions of active sugar mamas
  • Free for sugar babies
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  • Sugarmamas have to pay for a subscription


Sudy is an excellent app for young men looking to pursue a relationship with a cougar. Users of this app live in many different parts of the united states. You can also find users from all around the world on Sudy. Thirty-five years old is the average age for a sugar mama, and male sugar babies average at about twenty-three years old.

Ease of use Sudy

There is only an app for Sudy. There is no website. Android and iPhone users can both download this app.

You can get through many profiles in just a few minutes when using Sudy. It takes about five minutes to join.

Sudy Cost

Sudy is free for all sugar babies. There is a premium subscription for eight to fifteen dollars a month.

If you struggle to find a sugar mama, invest in the premium service. Sugar mamas must pay between forty and seventy dollars a month to use Sudy.

FAQ about Sudy

What is Sudy Talks?

Sudy Talk allows you to discuss sugar relationships with other users. Active Sudy Talk members earn coins that get transferred into your account. You can use these coins to pay for a subscription service.

Can I only see sugar mamas from my city?

No, you can see anyone within a 100-mile radius. Use the advanced search filters to choose the city you want to find sugar mamas in.


Sudy is the most popular sugar dating app. It is a straightforward app to use. Sugar babies use the app for free, and sugar mamas have to pay. There are active users from across the globe.

Ashley Madison


  • 40 million active users
  • Very safe
  • Free for all sugar babies


  • Very expensive for sugar mamas


Ashley Madison is one of the best places to find a sugar mama. It is the oldest and most popular sugar mama dating site. This dating app even has users from as far away as Sao Paolo, Brazil.

More than 2 million sugar mamas come from New York City. Sugar babies are in their mid-twenties, and sugar mamas range between thirty-five and forty-seven years old. 50% of the sugar mamas on Ashley Madison are married with children, so get to know who you are talking to before making any commitments.

Ashley Madison

Ease of use

Ashley Madison is straightforward to use. You can sign up in just a few simple steps and access the homepage in just one click. They have an app, but it crashes often. There is also a mobile-friendly version, a desktop version, and an app.


Ashley Madison is free for all sugar babies. Sugar mamas usually pay hundreds of dollars to create a successful profile.


Are there fake profiles on Ashley Madison?

Yes. There was an issue with staff making fake profiles. They tried to lure male sugar babies into extending their time on the app. Although Ashley Madison claims it was just a bug, users have lost their trust in the company.

What happens when you hide your profile on Ashley Madison?

You can choose to hide your profile by going to the settings tab on Ashley Madison. You can change who can see your account. No one will be able to search for you if you have the hide option on.


Ashley Madison is the safest sugar mama app. There are over 40 million users on this app, so there is a good chance you will find your perfect match. You will discover high-quality sugar mamas on Ashley Madison.

Cougar Life


  • New users monthly
  • Young sugar mamas
  • Detailed profile descriptions


  • Many fake accounts


Cougar Life boasts that they have the youngest sugar mamas and sugar babies. 60% of the users on Cougar Life are between the ages of 18-34. It is easy to find a young sugar mama on this dating app. Male sugar babies are approximately 23 years old.

Ease of use

There is a well-made desktop if you want to use Cougar Life on your computer. However, the site is known to crash. The app also crashes often. Cougar Life was designed long ago and hasn’t been updated since. There is no mobile-friendly website.


Cougar Life claims to be free, but you will be locked out of your account after a few months and told you to need a subscription to join. Sugar mamas pay 20 to 40 dollars a month. You can’t message anyone without a subscription.


Are there fake profiles on Cougar Life?

There are fake profiles on Cougar Life. Learn about who you are talking to and never give out personal information.

How can I cancel my Cougar Life subscription?

There is no way to cancel your Cougar Life account online. You must call the customer service line and tell them all the details about why you want to delete before canceling.


Cougar Life is a very old platform that doesn’t work well. There are too many fake accounts. You should choose another dating app if looking for a sugar partner.