5 Reasons Why You Have No Matches On Tinder – How to Fix it

Looking for your perfect pair online can be frustrating at times. Your profile is ready, and you are excited. You spent time swiping for days but no match notifications. No, you are not ugly. Don’t panic! You are not alone. In fact, it is extremely common for guys to get no matches on Tinder.

Keep reading as we help you understand why you have no matches on Tinder and reveal the fixes you can do to solve the issue.

Example of picture Tinder for Married people.

In this article, we will guide you though three 3 important questions:

  • 5 Reasons Why You Have No Matches On Tinder And What You Can Do

  • How To Fix Not Getting Any Matches.

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5 Reasons Why You are Getting No Matches on Tinder

Tinder is not just a game of luck. Read on as we discuss the issues you can address to get more matches, so here are the most common reasons you are getting no matches on Tinder.

The Tinder Elo Score

This is a term initially used in the Chess World to rank player level. On Tinder, this doesn’t measure “attractiveness” but “desirability.” Although Tinder has not disclosed how the algorithm works, this works like casting a vote, according to analysts. In conclusion, if you get likes from users, your Elo Score increases.

Furthermore, if you keep liking everyone who comes to your page, it signals Tinder that you may be a fake account or have no standards, resulting in a low Elo Score.

Bad Profile Page and Photos

Check your profile and see what’s missing. Your bio plays a massive role as this is where you can tell a little about yourself or write a more detailed approach.

In addition, uploading years old photos are not recommended as the quality is apparent. Thus, try to upload the best latest image you have to make you swipe-worthy.

Here we explain in depth how to write the perfect Tinder Bio!

Example of writing the perfect Tinder bio

Wrong Age Range

If you are looking for someone who’s a few years older than you or younger than you, that is fine. On the other hand, the problem is they may be looking for someone in their range, so your chances of getting no matches on Tinder is very high.

Not much activity

Taking too long responding to messages, less swiping, or less action will drop your chances of getting into people’s pages; therefore, the Tinder algorithm doesn’t want to show your profile due to inactivity. In short, you need to be active. However, keep in mind not to swipe on everyone you see.

How To Fix Not Getting Any Matches

This section will talk about the fixes you can do that would surely increase your chances of getting likes and finding your date. That is to say, consider yourself as someone who just needs tips to be noticed.

Firstly, review your profile and photos. This should be the first thing to consider. Don’t just write something random on your bio like “I am friendly.” Instead, say something interesting about you or something that lures your ideal date. For example, If you want to show your funny side, do it in a nice way.

Example of Tinder matches
Example of choice to use Tinder when married


Also, don’t just take a selfie in your room or somewhere in your home. Instead, post a travel photo with a nice view or a picture of you doing something you love doing. Additionally, natural lighting makes your photo better and highlights your features. Apart from this, if you can upload a full-body image, that would be helpful.

Secondly, swipe selectively. Setting your standards too high or too low will confuse the algorithm and not show your profile to the right people. Hence, consider swiping on people you really want to match, view their profile, and see if you have the same likes. As a result, you will be shown to the right people and improve your Elo Score.

Next, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan like Tinder Gold. This is a way get access to unlimited swipes, super swipes, and no annoying ads. Therefore, with good profile pictures, this would help you find a match, and most of the time, Tinder delivers.

Lastly, you can try alternative apps. Maybe your match is not on Tinder.

Besides, other dating apps, such as another favourite app, Bumble, work similarly to Tinder, with some unique features.

Now, give these tips a try and see how they help. In the same way, put in some work and provide it with time, and it will soon indeed work in your favor.

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