No Matches on Hinge? 5 Tips and Hacks

Are you getting no matches on hinge? Have you been on the app for a while and are still hardly getting any matches on Hinge?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Example of overview of no matches on hinge

In this article we will explain three important questions:

  • How to create a good Hinge profile

  • How to start a conversation on Hinge

  • Which Hinge Match Setting Preferences are the best?

Hinge profile tips – for no matches on Hinge

To setup a good Hinge account we need some decent photo’s. Let’s start off with out main profile picture!

Grab your iPhone or camera and have it ready when you are going out on an activity.

To draw attention to the subject we suggest using an iPhone or DSLR with a wide aperture. However, these days, iPhone cameras will definitely get the job done and they even come with a background blurring option!

This way the focus is on you and not the background. This can also be done with an editor like Photoshop but is slightly more time consuming to make it look more professional.

In the picture below we see a before and after photo of what we want to create.

For our full picture guide click here!


If you don’t have a camera that can take blurry picture, a photo of you doing activities will also do!

This way other persons could imagine seeing themselves doing the activities with you!

Outfit and grooming are key for Hinge profile pictures

Focus on wearing a nice shirt and stay away from shirtless pictures.

Try and wear new or dry-cleaned clothes.. No faded polo shirts!

Make sure your beard is neaten up or go clean-shaven.

The essentials of having a good background

Avoid backgrounds that are distracting and unattractive. You will lose people’s attention if you don’t very fast.

Choosing a simple background or blurry background is key.

Avoid shots with people of opposite sex

Visitors of your profile often have three seconds to make a decision. They don’t want to be spending time on investigating if that’s your girlfriend or not!

So instead of using a lot of group pictures focus on adding pictures of only you doing an activity outside for example.

Now that you have learned some hacks on how to make a good profile picture..

Tinder will reward you by increasing your rating due to adding some high quality pictures which most people don’t have!

Hinge Openers that get responses

Get rid of the simple ”Hey”

Instead focus on curiosity. ”I am no sure if you remember this … ”

Example of Hinge

Get them to respond to you Hinge question

Have you ever wondered what people find so intriguing about your profile … ?

Cheesy Pickup lines for Hinge

This one is hit or miss. Take a glance at their profile take a subject or event and modify it to a cheesy pickup line.

Complementing Her interests or look

This one is a no-brainer. It shows you took time to take a look at her pictures and you have good taste.

Setting up a date to get laid on Hinge

Usually something like. ‘‘Hey let’s have a wine night together or pizza and movie night.”

If you want to be a bit more straight forward, you can just ask him/her to come straight over for wine.”

You don’t have to mention it exactly leave some room for imagination.

”I want to kiss your neck tonight

Hinge Match Setting Preferences

Here are some Hacks and Tips to optimise your Hinge profile even more and get tons of likes!

First of all, you will want to connect your Instagram to your Hinge profiles. This will allow for two things:

To start, she will see lot’s of extra interesting pictures which she can enjoy and imagine being part of.

Secondly, Hinge wants you to upload pictures of a certain quality. If you don’t want to take more picture as described above, then you can just keep Instagram as an extension of your profile!

Choosing Hinge prompts

Hinge has lot’s of prompts to start conversations such as; Give me travel tips… Your favourite dish.

Try and be a bit more creative and stay away of the cringy boring standard prompts. Try and be original.

Hinge Match Filters

Hinge allows you to be very picky. In the settings you can choose different preferences such as height, age, and distance.

Of course you can be selective but don’t try and be too picky as you might limit the people that you will be able to swipe on.

And that’s it! Now you have all the basics to get more matches on Hinge!

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