Tinder Gold is it worth it?

Should you buy Tinder Gold? Are you still using the free version of Tinder?

Then you should probably consider it as Tinder Gold comes with many handy features!

We will go through the main features which are essential to making Tinder Gold great.

Main Tinder Gold Advantages

On the first glance we see 5 main features which will benefit you right away!

First of all you will have access to unlimited swiping!

This will especially come in handy as with the standard version you usually run out of swipes fairly quickly!

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  • PRO TIP: Using your Tinder boost at the right time is essential. Tinder usually peaks between 6 and 10 pm. So using the boost during this time will maximize your boosts impact!

Tinder Passport

The next feature that Tinder Gold offers is the Passport feature. This feature allows you to transport anywhere you want.

This can be a great tool ahead of your holiday or business trip.

You will be able to Match up with some locals and have a nice date when you arrive.

See who likes you

Another great feature is being able to see who likes you! With Tinder Gold likes won’t be hidden anymore..

This is especially handy if you don’t have much time to spare.

Say you only have a few minutes. Then you can match up instantly and start texting.

Example of who liked you overview

When swiping, you can also see who liked you. Simply check the profile to see if it has the golden heart.

If it is indicated like down below, it means the user has swiped right on you!

Example of seeing who liked you

No ads and Privacy features

Another handy feature is that Tinder Gold won’t show you any annoying ads. You will be able to keep swiping and texting without being bothered.. Great!

How much does it cost?

The prices for buying Tinder Gold can vary for many users depending on: Location, age, day of week, etc.

Usually Tinder Gold costs somewhere around 30 dollars per month.

Example of Price overview

If you choose to extend your subscription to 6 Months or even 12 Months, you will pay a bit less.

Recap Key features

Down below we list the main features we just explained. Next up will be the verdict!

  • Privacy features like controlling visibility

  • Rewind (undo your last swipe)

  • Passport (change your location)

  • No ads

  • Unlimited right swiping

Tinder Gold Verdict

So should you buy it? Is it actually worth it?

If you don’t have much time and you really want to maximise your results and dates,

Then YES you should!

If you are currently not getting many matches you should just stick to Tinder Plus for the moment (Few to no matches? Read This.) Start off by taking some good profile pictures and improving your Tinder Bio.

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