How to get unbanned from Tinder? 3 Ways to Fix – 2021 Guide

Did you get banned from Tinder and want to know how to get unbanned? Being banned can be quite annoying.

But don’t worry!

Here are 3 Ways to fix this problem and get unbanned from Tinder in 2021!

Introduction Picture: of How to get Unbanned from Tinder

First of all, the easiest way to contact them is to send them a direct email to their email box. For help or support tinder has the main email address of [email protected]. Furthermore, if your ban was a mistake made by Tinder then this is the fastest way to go.

Secondly, creating a support ticket can also be a relatively fast way to contact Tinder.

Tinder support option

Did you make a mistake? This should normally not be a problem. Clearly explain that: “This must have been a mistake, I have never been reported, and haven’t violated the community guidelines, so please could you get my Tinder account unbanned?”

I made a mistake.. You can ask for a second chance indicating that you will change your behaviour.

Moreover, Tinder has many subscribers so they can easily miss a few thousands of subscribers to safeguard their community and create a safe and honest environment!

Finally, if this doesn’t work we will explain in the next step the next method of trying to get your Tinder Account Unblocked.

Example of Account Under Review

Tinder Account Reset

The app collects a number of information about you such as:

  • Your phone number

  • IP address

  • Google account/Apple ID

  • Your photos

  • Social media (Spotify, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Credit card or Paypal information

Therefore, we need to make sure we replace this information!

As a result, Tinder thinks we have created a completely new and fresh account.

Creating a fresh Tinder Account

Step #1: Deleting Tinder

First of all, his one sounds easy, and luckily it is if we don’t put much sentimental value to it..

Just head over to your Tinder account settings and confirm that you are deleting the account.

Don’t worry, you will get plenty of matches again after we go through all the steps!

Step #2: Remove Tinder from Facebook

Your tinder account is most likely integrated with your Facebook account when you signed up the first time.

As a result, Tinder is integrated with your social media and we need to make sure you delete the app in the 3rd party settings.

So, Go to settings

Head over to the Apps and websites page.

Finally, search for the tinder icon in the Apps and Websites page and make sure you delete it.

Step #3: Buy a new SIM for Tinder

Now it’s time to go to your local shop and get a sim only card.

This will make sure you start fresh. As a result, Tinder will handle it as a new account.

Step #4: Create a new Google account or Apple ID for Tinder

Your google account or apple ID are also most likely linked to your tinder account when downloading the app.

Tinder collects all of this information.

We need to make sure we make a new google/apple account.

In the apple page/google sign in page, create a new account

Step #5: Download Tinder back on your phone

Once the above steps are done, it is time to finally reinstall Tinder again with your new google or apple account.

Creating a new account should only take a few seconds…

Step #6: Setting up a your new Tinder account

When you installed the new account, make sure you upload a set of new photo’s and use a new paying method when buying premium.

We made a handy guide listing all the essentials of taking good photo’s and getting tons of matches.

To conclude, you will have to reset your account and get a new sim card for your phone by following the above steps.

Now, you can enjoy all of the features Tinder has to offer!

To add some good photo’s check out our guide to make the perfect tinder photo’s and get tons of likes!

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