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Things to Take Into Account When Using Tinder to Get Laid

Before we get into the juicy stuff. Let’s take a step back and briefly take a look at what Tinder is and how we can use it in the most effective way.

Tinder is by far the biggest dating application out there. It also has the most diverse selection of people on there. However, Tinder is geared more towards something more casual than serious, due to the ”easy” profile sign up process and profile limitation of providing extensive information.

You probably know someone who uses Tinder to get laid a lot, and, you are probably wondering how do they do that?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s start by creating a good Tinder Profile to boost our matches

Example of texting

First, set up a good Tinder profile

Before we can have flirty conversations with hot ladies/gents we need to have an alluring profile. Creating a good profile that makes you stand out is critical to your success!

Using good Tinder Photos

The art of creating the good high quality first profile picture is not that hard to master, and yet so many people get it wrong!!

Luckily we are here to help you create a great main profile picture and get sex on Tinder easily!

Example of Texting

Choosing your Main picture

Grab your iPhone or camera and have it ready when you are going out on an activity.

To draw attention to the subject we suggest using an iPhone or DSLR with a wide aperture. However, these days, iPhone cameras will definitely get the job done and they even come with a background blurring option!

This way the focus is on you and not the background. This can also be done with an editor like Photoshop but is slightly more time consuming to make it look more professional.

In the picture below we see a before and after photo of what we want to create.

Example of good and bad photos

Check out our full guide HERE on getting the perfect profile picture!

If you don’t have a camera that can take blurry pictures, a photo of you doing activities will also do!

This way other persons could imagine seeing themselves doing the activities with you!

Outfit and grooming are key

Focus on wearing a nice shirt and stay away from shirtless pictures.

Try and wear new or dry-cleaned clothes.. No faded polo shirts!

Make sure your beard is neaten up or go clean-shaven.

Example of Tinder Bio

How to write the perfect Tinder Bio

“How do I create the perfect Tinder Bio for Men?” Creating a good bio will attract lot’s of attention and is a great way for people to get to know you.

and of course you will also gain many more likes and matches!

Should I create a Tinder bio?

Although we have had many people at Tinder Pixel that have had tons of success we find that having a bio greatly increases the time a user spends looking at your profile. Moreover, a Tinder Bio let’s your potential men/woman know who you are and why they should swipe!

How do I write a Bio to get laid on Tinder?

Example of Tinder Bio

Check out our Full Tinder Bio Guide here!

Keeping it short

As a golden rule, keep your bio to a couple of sentences.

Above all, we really don’t need to go over the top…

You aim should be less than 400 characters for your bio.

Focus on your values and priorities.

Finally, use Pro’s and Con’s to highlight some fun anecdotes like seen below!

Example of Choosing

Using Good Tinder openers

So, we have created good Tinder Profile Pictures and a good Tinder Bio. At this point, you should see the amount of likes and matches go up!


The next step in getting laid on Tinder would be text your match with the perfect opener!

What are Tinder Openers that get a reply?

Here we have listed some of the best Tinder lines and Openers used by some of the best ladies and gentlemen that we know.

The Ultimate Tinder Opener that ALWAYS works

Get rid of the simple ”Hey”

Instead focus on curiosity. ”I am no sure if you remember this … ‘

Get them to respond to you question.

Have you ever wondered what people find so intriguing about your profile … ?

Cheesy Pickup lines

This one is hit or miss. Take a glance at their profile take a subject or event and modify it to a cheesy pickup line.

Complementing Her interests or look

This one is a no-brainer. It shows you took time to take a look at her pictures and you have good taste.

Setting up a date to get laid:

Usually something like. ”Hey let’s have a wine night together or pizza and movie night.”

If you want to be a bit more straight forward, you can just ask him/her to come straight over for wine.”

You don’t have to mention it exactly leave some room for imagination.

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