Is Hinge a Hookup App (2022) – Or Is It For Serious Dating?

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Hinge hookup

So, you’re thinking of trying out Hinge – but you’re not sure if it’s a dating app or a hookup app. Is it for serious dating?

Or is it just for casual encounters? In this article, we will cover:

  • -How Hinge works
  • -Hinge vs Tinder
  • -Is Hinge a hookup app or a real deal
  • -Is Hinge dating app for cheating, and more

Let’s answer that right away!

When you go to Hinge’s website, the first thing you’ll see is a sponsored advertisement.

This advertisement says “the dating app created to be deleted.” The creators want you to know that their goal is for you to delete the app.

Hinge hookup

Hinge – How Does It Work?

We all want things to be easy, don’t we? It is nice when we don’t have to work hard to get what we want.

This is also true for dating websites and apps. Most of these applications allow you to find possible matches without having to put in a lot of effort.

The majority of these websites and applications rely on algorithms to make moving through the meeting process as simple and painless as possible.

No more filling in questionnaires

Almost every dating website has users fill out long and tedious questionnaires discussing themselves.

This can be hard for some people who are not good at expressing themselves. They might not be able to write about themselves in a fun or interesting way.

Instead of producing these lifeless and dry summaries, the process of generating a Hinge profile has altered.

For example, Hinge works by allowing all of its users to respond to around 80 questions or sentence fragments. These are inquiries or phrases that you must answer or complete.

Hinge hookup


The prompts can help you to start a chain of funny text messages. People like to see funny things, so when they see your message, they will respond with something even funnier.

This is a good idea because even people who are not very creative can complete short messages without much trouble. Of course, the funnier the better.

But, enough about that. Besides prompts, Hinge also uses an algorithm that helps you find potential partners faster.

However, this is not just any algorithm. Instead, it is a Nobel prize-winning one that one would say does some kind of magic. Sort of.

What it truly does is compare your responses to prior questions, options you selected, and the time you spent on someone else’s profile. I think that the first two are self-evident, so let me quickly address the third.

When you millennials go online to look for a partner, for example, you scroll/swipe through some people’s profiles more quickly than others on any of the popular dating websites and apps.

Hinge’s algorithm takes into account how long you look at someone’s profile. If you pause for a few seconds, that means they are interested in you. Then Hinge will find other people who are similar to that person.

Hinge hookup

Hinge Dating Pool

When Hinge debuted, it operated on the theory that you must have something in common with the friends of your friends, therefore it only showed you these people.

In a way, I can see how this makes sense – if you have a friend with such and such personality characteristics, then you must be a good match for one another.

As a result of all of this, the app would suggest the friends of your Facebook pals as potential Matches instead of requiring you to sign in using your Facebook account. All of this made sense given that the app is focused on location.

Fortunately, the Hinge app came to the rescue, that is its founder Justin McLeod, who was pressured by the public and abandoned Facebook’s strategy. I mean, despite Facebook’s prominence in the social media world, it isn’t alone. As a result, your Hinge experience has improved significantly. Now, let me tell you about…

Hinge vs Tinder?

The Match group acquired Hinge at the end of 2019. And, we know that they also control and Tinder. And we also know that when you Google search for hookup sites or hookup sites free, Tinder may very well be one of the first results.

Tinder is not like OKCupid, which is made to encourage long-term relationships. Tinder is designed for quick and easy solutions, like meeting people for a date or just sex.

There are no strings attached. In contrast, it appears to be geared towards a more private attitude. As a result, instead of swiping through people you don’t want to contact, you simply scroll past them.

Swiping app?

No, Hinge is not a swiping app. People are scared that you might offend someone’s feelings if you swipe left instead of right. With premium membership, you can do more things on Hinge. For example, with basic filters like age, sex, ethnicity and religion you can use the simplest version of Hinge.

However, with the paid plan you can filter matches according to their height and political views, for example.

What is more important, though, is that the paid version will grant you unlimited likes so you can scroll away until you find someone you’d like to give your phone number to. Or, to Netflix and chill with. And, now we get to the real question here…

Hinge – Is It for Hookup or Is It for the Real Deal?

Hmm, before I give you the answer on a silver platter, I’d want you to take a step back and think for yourself. What would your response be? Hinge is an app that can help you find love. True love exists. It’s designed for casual dating and casual sex.

For relationships

Hinge is the best app for relationships I have ever used. When it comes to finding serious relationships, how can I connect with other people on Hinge? Is your answer one of these options? Or is it something similar? Yes, I understand you have conflicting feelings about whether or not Hinge is for hookups or relationships.

Even before you create a dating profile on any of the sites, you check to see if the site is dedicated to relationships and whether you can expect ghosting from other users as well as lots of phony accounts.

So, what happened with your investigation of Hinge? Well, it’s pretty obvious that they have a good marketing strategy.

They are calling you to join them so that you can go on your “last first date.” They claim this is their official approach to dating. And the site also advertises itself as being good at helping you find the most compatible person for you. So, do you think their efforts are short-term or long-term?

Serious relationships?

Yes! The website promises to be mostly about finding serious relationships. That is what I was looking for. They create this idea that avoiding superficial contact is important, which is also what their sister app says. But I am not convinced yet.

Why? To begin with, I have used the website for both hookups and long-term involvement. And I know other people who have done the same thing.

So, how do you know when your relationship status is changing? You can tell by how honest you are. If you want a relationship through Hinge, make that clear from the start.

You can also find people for local hookups if that’s what you’re looking for. It all just depends on what you want and whether or not you click with the other person.

You will figure out what the other person wants from you and if the two of you will get along well. But there is one more thing to remember. If you choose to have a hookup, don’t be surprised if sometime later you want something more. This happens in real life, it happened to me.

Netflix and chill can mean different things to different people. For my date and me, we thought it just meant hanging out and watching TV together without any strings attached.

But soon enough, we realized that we were eating out together, not seeing other people, and most importantly, we stopped using Hinge. So from our experience, Hinge can work either way if you are honest about what you want.

Final Word

Online dating can be a lot of fun! Millennials don’t want to just have short relationships. They want something more long-term. So they are choosing not to go to speed dating events. Instead, they are spending time with casual hookups or getting more involved in relationships. If you want either one of those things, Hinge is a good option.

I think you should sign up today and find a match. If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry. You might not be the only one. But I think this is your best chance. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people like to ask the same questions over and over again, even if they have been answered before. So we are going to answer some of your questions that you may still have.

Is Hinge for Hookups or Relationships?

The Hinge dating app is for serious relationships. But if you want to have casual sex, that’s okay too. As long as the other person is also interested in that, it will be fine. Just be careful and make sure it’s what you want.

Is Hinge Good for Hookups?

Yes, Hinge is great for finding hookups. However, if you want to find someone to date for a longer period of time or even want a serious relationship, Hinge can help with that too.


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