Hinge Standout in 2022 – What Is It? | Is It Effective?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what Hinge Standout is.

Hinge Standout is a new feature on our app that helps you find profiles that are getting the most attention.

The app knows who you’ve liked and commented on in the past, so they use that information to recommend profiles that Hinge thinks you’ll love.

Hinge Standout is a great way to meet new people and expand your social circle!

Well, wonder no more!

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What is a Standout?

The Hinge app now includes a new feature called Hinge Standout, which helps you discover profiles that are receiving the most attention.

The app knows who you’ve liked and commented on in the past, so they utilize that knowledge to suggest profiles to consider.

It’s a fantastic method of meeting new people and increasing your social network!

How does Standout work?

This Hinge feature makes it easy to find profiles that are getting the most engagement in your network.

Hinge Standout works because Hinge knows who you’ve liked or commented on in the past, and they use this information to recommend new profiles for you.

Hinge created Hinge Standout because Hinge is all about expanding networks, so with this feature it becomes easier than ever!

How to find the feature?

The greatest Hinge users may be found on the new Standouts feature, so it’s time to get familiar with the Standouts tab and how it works.

You can quickly access this tab by clicking the star symbol, but first, let’s go over how this new functionality works.

Hinge algorithm

Hinge’s algorithm captures important data each time you use it – you go to the Discover feed, look through a few people, swipe right, and Hinge records the characteristics of users you’ve liked.

After a while, its sophisticated algorithm begins to detect a pattern.

For instance, if you frequently hit the like button when you come upon a beautiful blonde woman or guy, Hinge will remember this preference and other aspects of these people’s profiles.

When you launch the Standouts app for the first time, it will present the most suitable dating profiles based on your previous preferences.

Prompt List

However, while viewing a Hinge Standout, you simply see the Hinge prompt list instead of the complete profile.

If you like someone’s response, just tap their name to see the rest of their Hinge profile.

Hinge will keep track of these likes, so you won’t have to worry about being matched with someone who doesn’t appeal to your tastes.

This isn’t a hookup app (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), so the only thing that matters is your personality type and physical attractiveness (not appearance).

How to get on Hinge Standouts?

There isn’t a specific way to get on Hinge Standouts. However, Hinge Standouts is populated by the most popular profiles in your network.

So, the best way to make sure you’re included is to make sure your profile is getting a lot of attention!

Make sure to like and comment on as many profiles as possible, and you’ll be sure to be featured in Hinge Standouts!

How to get on Hinge Standouts

What is a Hinge Rose?

The Hinge rose is quite similar to the superlike on Tinder, and dating applications nowadays all have something comparable.

When they were coming up with a new feature to add, the inventors were probably inspired by The Bachelor, which is well-known for its dramatic rose ceremony.

Sending roses is a way to boost your Hinge profile exposure and have your profile featured on the “Likes you” tab.

Users receive one free rose each week at start of the week, allowing them to spend it on anybody they choose.

The Like button is to the right, while sending a rose with a brief and sweet remark might help you obtain more matches and first dates.

You may purchase additional roses if you need more standouts.

Costs of a Rose

Given the costs, purchasing a greater quantity is ideal: 12 roses will set you back $29.99 per dozen, while a single rose will cost you $4.99.

When to send a rose?

There isn’t a specific time when you should send a rose in Hinge Standouts. Roses are generally a sign of appreciation or love, so you can send them whenever you feel like the other person has done something worthy of your appreciation!


That concludes our look at the Hinge Standouts! This stream is full of intriguing pairings, and the free rose feature has taken dating on Hinge to a new level. It guarantees high-quality matches and helps you build better relationships by allowing users to see who’s viewing their profile.

Hopefully, this quick guide resolved any concerns you may have and helped you better comprehend this new feature.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How many free Roses will I receive each week?

A: Every week, everyone receives one free Rose and you may purchase as many more as you wish.

Q: How often do my Standouts refresh?

A: Every day, a new group of Standouts will join your game.

Q: What does Next Refresh mean?

A: For each Standout, this section displays how much time you have before the page is refreshed and a new Standout appears.

Q: Can I just send a Like instead of a Rose?

A: In Standouts you’re only able to send Roses.

Q: Will the people in my Standouts feed also appear in my Discover feed?

A: Your Discover feed is where you’ll find people from Standouts, although it isn’t certain.

Q: Has Standouts caused any changes to Discover?

A: Your most compatible predictions and highest chance of matching, as determined by Discover, have not altered.