How the Pandemic Fueled the Rise of Intentional Dating

Since Covid-19 entered our lives, the dating scene has changed.

Before Covid-19, people used to date someone based on superficial features.

Now they are dating with a purpose. Intentional dating or dating with a purpose is when you are not just looking for ‘sparks.’

You are searching for someone whose long-term goals are the same as yours.

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How the Pandemic Fueled the Rise of Intentional Dating

In this article, we will guide you through three 3 important topics:

  • Dating in 2022

  • Intentional Dating and Priorities

  • How to Stay Safe While Dating

Dating in 2022

Dating in 2022 isn’t just about how attractive someone is. Yes, having a good time is essential, but so is someone you can build a future with.

People are being more ​selective regarding dating.

Singles today want social maturity in their partner. According to USA Today, a survey showed that only 11 percent of Americans said they wanted to date casually.

The survey also shows that loyalty isn’t the only important factor in a relationship. It seems like singles are looking for financial stability as well.

Intentional Dating and Priorities

How can you be intentional when dating? To date with a purpose, remember to be selective. Covid-19 really showed everybody what really is important in life.

Singles used to care about external features like looks and wardrobe.

Today, they are looking for someone who can match their income. Priorities have shifted for singles, for the better.

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During quarantine, there were fewer distractions, allowing people to discover different forms of transitioning to online dating.

Maintain social distancing throughout the date.

Show your date that your priorities are in the right place. By maintaining the social distancing guidelines, you show that you care about your health.

Covid changed the priorities for a lot of people. Many people lost loved ones and/or were separated from those they care about most.

Not only were they separated, but it was during the scariest time of their life.

When people were finally allowed to get together again, they spent quality time with each other. They found themselves having deep and meaningful conversations. During quarantine, people longed for human connection and companionship.

How to Stay Safe While Dating

During quarantine, there were fewer distractions, so those who were dating discovered what Zoom dates were. Couples began watching movies together and cooking together through a screen.

Zoom dates or virtual dating

Zoom dates or virtual dating are a great way to get to know someone while still keeping yourself state.

While virtual dates may not allow you to be physical with each other, you can still have deep conversations while gazing into each other’s eyes.

In May 2020, OK Cupid showed an 83 percent increase in those open to dating anywhere.

People who lived in New York were going on dates with those who lived in Seattle. Now that people can meet in person, they are still choosing virtual dates to vet their prospects.

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How to Stay Safe While Dating

We are not in the clear in regards to Covid-19. Covid-19 and its Delta variant are still very relevant, and it is pertinent to stay safe while swiping for singles.

To stay safe while dating, start with a virtual date.

Virtual date

You can go on a virtual date prior to meeting in person to get a feel for a person.

The two of you can play the question game to get to know each other. If things get weird, all you have to do is end the call.

Meet in person

When it comes time to meet in person, do so in public outdoor spaces like parks or beaches. Still mask up, though! And do not cuddle or kiss while wearing a mask.

It causes cross-contamination and defeats the purpose of wearing a mask.

How to Stay Safe While Dating


As we enter 2022, more singles will probably choose to intentionally date. What is most important, no matter if you date casually or intentionally, stay safe.

Wash your hands often, wear a mask when possible, and vaccinate yourself.

Since Covid-19, every day has become precious. Keep your priorities in check and take care of yourself.

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