Dating American Women Vs. European Women

If you are ready to dip your toe into the dating pond, what type of woman would you like to date, an American woman or a European woman?

Yes, there is a difference between the two although that doesn’t mean that one is better than the other.

Keep reading if you want to know the difference between American women and European women.

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In this article, we will guide you through three 3 important questions:

  • What do European Women Want in a Man?

  • How to Meet a European Woman?

  • Pros/Cons of European Women?



Have you ever been to Europe? If you have, you might’ve noticed the weather is cloudy a lot of the time. As dreary as the weather may be, it is very beneficial for the skin of European women.

With the sun hiding behind clouds for a lot of the day, there is less risk of the sun damaging the delicate skin of beautiful European women.

On the other hand, American women worship the sun. You will find a lot of American women with tan but leathery skin, which makes them look older than they really are.


American women tend to wear the same clothes for a variety of occasions. They usually will go food shopping in the same clothes they wore to the gym.

European women would never do that. They take pride in how they look. European women know how to accessorize every outfit beautifully and only use the best makeup and perfume. They still very much love to feel like a lady.


European women prefer romance and love. A European woman would do anything for her man, she is not concerned with her career, her priority is her man.

An American woman is more into her career and personal life than her partner. Sometimes an American woman’s behavior comes across as selfish.


American women freely compliment other people. European women don’t do that. They tend to reserve compliments for their closest friends and family only.

An American woman is flirty but they are direct about it. Unlike an American woman, a European woman is also flirty but more mysterious.

When a European woman asks you how you are feeling, she genuinely cares.

In contrast, American women tend to ask because they feel like they must be polite. They don’t really care about what it is you have to say.

European woman


European women tend to be more conservative than American women. American women tend to put their parents in nursing homes, whereas European women value family and respect their ancestors.

American women are too preoccupied with their thoughts. When they are with their man, their brain could be thinking about a million other things.

Full attention span

A European woman though, you will have her full attention when she is spending time with you.

European women tend to look more educated than American women. European women can usually speak up to seven languages.

If an American knows a second language, it is usually just one. American women prefer to choose to party over studying for an exam.

American Women Vs. European Women

What do European Women Want in a Man?

European women want a man with a strong personality. They want a guy who is confident and sexy.

European women are intelligent and can read between the lines, so don’t be so ‘goal’ oriented when dating a European woman. She will be able to smell your bull from miles away.

European women tend to not want to date guys who label their relationships.

Laid back

Where American women label relationships like hooking up, dating, boyfriend/girlfriend, in Europe it’s more, if I like you I’ll see you.

This is why Europeans are so much more laid back than Americans.

European men also don’t ghost women. They are honest people and will kindly tell you the truth about the relationship. Ghosting is the easy choice, be a man and tell the truth, a European woman will appreciate it.

How to Meet a European Woman?

The best way to meet a European woman is to find out where their local hangout spot is. If you are a college student, hanging out around the university is great to find European women.

Au Pairs

European women also tend to work as au pairs, so if you have a child, take them to the park a few times a week to seek out a European nanny.

Another easy way to meet a European woman is to find them on dating sites or apps. Great dating sites or apps to find European women are Eharmony, Ukraine Date, and International Cupid.

European Women

Pros/Cons of European Women

Yes, there are many pros to dating a European woman, but, just like all humans, European women come with their cons as well. The list below will explain four pros and cons of dating a European woman.


  • European women are very loyal and trustworthy. By dating a European woman, you will have a faithful friend as well as a lover.
  • European women have amazing styles. A European woman could walk by wearing jeans and a t-shirt but she will still look like a million bucks because she knows how to style herself.
  • European women are beautiful. Some of the most beautiful models in the world are European.
  • European women will always be honest and straightforward with you. You won’t have to worry about them holding in their anger. European women are passionate so they will share their feelings with you.


  • European women can get emotional. That passion that you love so much about them can also be a con of a European woman. Their fiery tempers will have you yearning for the days you dated an uncaring American.
  • European women love to spend money. You can’t have the fashion sense that a European woman does and not have at least three credit cards.
  • European women may also pay a lot of attention to their looks. American women rarely care how they look, but European women put a lot of pride into their appearance. When you are running late to an event, this can be a real negative on your relationship.
  • European women are proud of their culture and customs, but you might not understand most of them. She might also find some of your traditions offensive and outdated or vice versa.


There are many things to consider if you want to begin dating a European woman. Will you be able to adapt to their customs, or she to yours?

The only way to find out for sure is to step out of your comfort zone of dating a boring American woman and take a risk on a European woman instead.

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