Look, I get your concern. The internet is kinda the wild wild west of shopping. Heck, my most recent online purchase of a bluetooth speaker took me a full 2 hours of scrolling through reviews before I was happy and confident enough to click ‘Buy’. So I completely understand your concerns with purchasing this.

To answer your question… Yes – this really is 100% guaranteed. I wish I could meet you face to face so you could look me in the eye and shake my hand. That way you could feel a lot more confident about making this purchase… But unfortunately we are limited by the fact that it’s virtual and the best I can do here is let you know that you’re covered by this amazing guarantee.

Most companies offer 30 day guarantees. But I insisted on giving you 60 full days to really see how OPTIONS will change your life. Thousands of guys have experienced the program’s power in the real world so I’m very confident in the material and that’s why I can offer such a generous guarantee.

And if for some reason you need to take me up on the guarantee, it’s very easy to do so. You just email me at [email protected] and your refund will be handled immediately. I’ve got two beautiful ladies handling my support desk. Both American, and both happy to assist you and take care of whatever needs you may have 🙂