Norwegian Men – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

When it comes to Norwegian men, there is no shortage of things to say. They are tall, dark, and handsome – and they know it!

If you are interested in meeting a Norwegian man, you should be prepared for a fun (and sometimes challenging) journey!

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Norwegian Men Dating


What Are the Norwegian Men Like?

Norwegian men are very proud of their heritage and take great care in their appearance.

They are also quite traditional when it comes to dating customs.

Physical Appearance

It’s true that these attractive Norwegian guys may be the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen on my travels, and you all know how much I travel!

As you already know, the majority of them are blond with blue eyes, but this is also a stereotype.

Norwegian males are on average 5’9″ tall, which is quite tall and they’re one of the few countries in the world where a large percentage of men are over 6’2″!

They weigh about 175 pounds (80 kg), which indicates that they’re pretty fit, but not overly skinny.

Norwegian Men Dating

I adore their bushy beards and thick mustaches, which is a plus since some of you ladies want to grab a guy with a hairy chest that you might intertwine your hands in.

Norway is the ideal place for you if you desire a guy with a furry chest!

Norwegian Men Style

There’s one thing I have to say: Norwegian guys have fantastic style! Because they call one of the world’s coldest nations, where temperatures can drop as low as -40°C (-40°F), it was quite tough to be fashionable and well-dressed while remaining warm.

However, this is precisely what they accomplished, and the last few years have witnessed a significant increase in fashion creativity. As a result, you may notice males who appear to just stepped out of the runway.

Denim is a wardrobe essential for many men, and they consider it to be more than simply bottoms.

They adore donning overcoats, especially in black, grey, and navy. Ever-classic hues include black, grey, and navy are combined with fancy sneakers and pants to give these hot Norwegian guys a chick and minimalistic style that has made them famous.

They also prefer wearing parkas, sweaters made of wool, cashmere, wool mohair , etc.

Modern scarves that they allow to fall loosely around their necks and beanies add interest to their outfits.

Norwegian Men Dating

Character Traits that make Norwegian Men Stand Out

1. Gentlemen rating

Even though I’d automatically say yes to this because Norwegian guys are great, kind, and very polite, this expert opinion is dependent on where you’re from.

For example, when it comes to looking for Norwegian men online in the United States, American women might encounter them to be unfriendly since they are extremely honest and straightforward.

Furthermore, because women and men are considered to be equivalent in the Norway, there are two sides to this viewpoint.

On the one hand, it is wonderful that males want to assist ladies, cook, look after youngsters, changing diapers, and so on; but on the other side, women are also expected to participate in “male” tasks such as paying bills, understanding how to change tires, transporting things, and so on.

As a result, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t offer you a hand while carrying 6 bags of groceries up the stairs on your own.

This is also due to the fact that women are generally quite self-reliant, so instead of getting a “thank you” for holding a door open for her, he might be told that she can do it herself.

2. Integrity

If you’re wondering what Norwegian guys are like when it comes to ethics and honesty, I can tell you that they have strong moral compasses that guide them throughout life.

They are extremely honest and upfront, as I previously stated, so you may feel secure in the knowledge that they will always be open and honest with you.

There is no such thing as stealing in their culture, since they live a hardworking society that also leads very well.

They are extremely tolerant, and one of the most tolerant nations I’ve ever been to, because they don’t judge people for their beliefs or behaviors. So if you’re concerned about dating Norwegian men due to cultural differences, you don’t need to be.

Norwegian Men Dating

3. Loyalty

From my and my friend’s experiences, I can say with certainty that loyalty isn’t an issue. So, if you’re wondering what Norwegian men are like in relationships, the answer is loyal and you shouldn’t be concerned.

They are recognized for being trustworthy and honest when it comes to their relationships, so if someone else comes up, they will tell you. It also depends on who you are dealing with and your age as well as where you reside.

I’m noting this because there is a “hook up culture” in Norway, which is typically found among young people in university towns, so one may wonder about loyalty here, but it’s a whole different issue than any other country.

4. Honesty

People in Norway are also exceptionally honest, if you ask other people, for example, Americans who are used to being very polite and who tiptoe around sensitive issues so as not to offend.

It is actually the exact opposite in Norway, where typical Norwegian males are rather straightforward.

They understand they’re taking a chance of being taken as offensive, but it’s just how they are; I admire it.

5. How Protective They Are?

Norwegian guys are known for being defensive, and you may feel safe in their hands. Now, it is dependent on the circumstances.

Since they are well-known for being peaceful and disliking conflict, they will try to resolve things without a fight and even let things go so that the quarrel may be avoided.

However, if anything more serious is going on, they will use force to defend you as well as themselves.

A scenario that occurred to me is proof. A guy approached me while my boyfriend went to get more drinks, and we were just dancing and drinking casually.

When he returned, that guy was still next to me, and Mathias matter-of-factly stated that I was taken and requested if he could move away.

And it all went so smoothly; I almost couldn’t believe there weren’t any cuss words involved.

So, if you’re looking for some advice on dating a Norwegian guy, try to remain cool and prepared to negotiate any issues peacefully.

6. Are they Resourceful?

I don’t believe they are that resourceful, and there are a number of reasons why. Norway is one of the wealthiest nations on earth, and people live very well (it has one of the most stable economies in the world with one of the highest per capita GDPs worldwide).

This is why they don’t find themselves in situations where they need to be as resourceful as men from other much poorer countries.

In addition, since women are strong individuals who aren’t accustomed to courtship, males aren’t used to putting out so much effort.

7. Maturity

This is a ten out of ten, no doubt about it! For many reasons, single Norwegian men, or better said typical Norwegian males, are ideal for international dating. They’re very sensitive, calm, and empathetic. You should be yourself when interacting with them in order to discover them and engage with them naturally.

They’ll cater to your needs, ambitions, and the notion of having one; they’ll assist you around the house if you live together; they’ll help with the kid (or more) if you have one (or more), and being juvenile isn’t a problem!

For example, I’ve moved in with my boyfriend rather quickly; I suppose we just clicked and it’s been fantastic. When I review my exes from other countries and realize what I had to deal with, I can’t believe it.

Mathias is a hard worker who wants to provide for us and expects me to do the same, we collaborate on any issue that comes up, and he is so mature and calm that there isn’t a topic we can’t talk about.

8. Self-confidence

This is another high grade since males here are something else. Single Norwegian men are very self-assured, and they don’t like to play games, especially if they’re looking for a relationship.

Now, what might influence this grade is the fact that they seldom go for your first move, but this isn’t true because of their lack of confidence;

instead, it’s because this is how they were brought up and what many guys do as well.

On the other hand, there are still a lot of hot Norwegian guys out there who make the first move and enjoy it, demonstrating that they want you.

They’ll tell you about the things they like, discuss their hobbies, and openly invite you on a fun date, such as hiking or skiing.

It’s true that the Norwegian guy is a nature lover, and if you’re searching for a Norwegian man to date, learn to ski right away!

9. Are They Friendly or Reserved?

If you’re wondering “what are Norwegian men like,” one of the replies is that they are reserved.

In fact, they are a little more difficult to come into contact with because they prefer to keep their thoughts and feelings for closer friends. This is also an accurate Norwegian guy stereotype.

You could also inquire as to where they grew up and hit a brick wall. If you want to date Norwegian men properly, start asking them about their nation and customs since they enjoy talking about it.

You might ask them to do something outside with you so that you can get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere than sitting in a restaurant.

Also, inquire about their job; many people in Norway are able To do what they love, which may be an excellent beginning!

10 Norwegian men are friendly

Norwegians have their own culture, which differs from that of Americans, so be ready to learn new things from these tall and good-looking Scandinavian men.

There’s always a bright side to everything, and there are other elements you may find challenging to manage. Continue reading to discover more.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Norwegian man


They perceive you as a hundred percent equal. I know it sounds strange that I regard this as a major benefit before other things, but believe me when I say that you are probably not even aware of how unequally men and women are treated around the world.

So to be regarded as completely equal is fantastic, and it feels wonderful to be expected to do the same tasks as males.

It’s past time we learnt how to change tires, dine out with them, pay our bills equally, and so on; it’s time we stopped splitting responsibilities between “male” and “female.”

They are very honest

If you are a straight-forward and honest person, dating Norwegian guys may be the ideal situation for you. You won’t have to worry that he’s shaping the truth so he doesn’t hurt your feelings because he’ll tell you exactly how he feels and what he wants.


Equity might also be costly Con. As much as this is a significant benefit to me, it may be a terrible disadvantage for someone else with different ideas and beliefs.

If you want to be cared for and stay at home while raising your children and not working if you desire him to pursue you all of the time and make every effort that isn’t wrong in the least, then Norway may not be the best option for you.

They can be quite reserved

This may be a deterrent for those of you who are used to interacting with nice people. Norwegians, on the other hand, are nice; it’s just that after getting to know you better, they become so. As a result, getting to know them takes more time and effort.

Where to Meet Norwegian Men

If you’re wondering how to meet Norwegian men, one of the finest methods is through, a popular online dating service run by Norwegians.

It has a large user base of around 400,000 people aged 25 to 45 years old.

The majority of profiles are genuine, so you shouldn’t be concerned about wasting your time chatting to a machine.

When you join, I am sure you will come across a lot of attractive Norwegian men! Another approach to meet Norwegian guys is to go on hikes with your friends and spend time outside because that is what many people do!

How to Make a Norwegian Man Fall in Love with You

Enjoy an outdoor activity

One of the finest techniques to meet a Norwegian guy and then seduce him is to appreciate nature and spend time outside. Norwegians adore walking, trekking, and, of course, skiing!

So get working if you don’t know how to ski; it’s going to be necessary for sure! This is one of the most essential Norwegian dating tips I can give you.

Show interest in his country

People in Norway adore their nation and everything about it, so being interested in the culture, traditions, lifestyle, etc. will be a wonderful start.

Meet his friends and have fun together

The most essential thing you must do is get his friends to like you and have him fall in love with you.

The worst situation one can be in a relationship is to dislike or be disliked by them, and I hope you won’t have to deal with that. If they are quiet, be patient; if they are stubborn, stay persistent; and keep putting out effort to become one of them.


Well, folks, I hope that all of this information provided you with a clear picture and answered some of the most important questions such as: “What are Norwegian men like in relationships?”,” “Where can I meet Norwegian guys?”,’ and others.