Turkish Men – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Turkish men are some of the most intriguing in the world.


If you’re thinking about dating a Turkish man, there are a few things you should know first.

In this article, we’ll discuss what sets Turkish men apart from other guys, as well as some of the pros and cons of dating them.

So, if you’re ready to explore this fascinating culture further, keep reading!

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Dating guys from turkey

They come from a mix of Eastern European and Western Asian cultures, which makes them very unique.


What are Turkish men like?

With this introduction, I’m sure you’ve piqued your interest, but there’s more to come.

Not only will you learn about Turkish men in bed and what they’re like in general, but you’ll also get some dating advice for Turkish men.

There are a lot of different qualities that women look for in a guy, so I’ll go through some of the most important characteristics both taken and single Turkish males have.

Continue reading to find out what Turkish guys are like in relationships.

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They typically wear skinny jeans, nice shirts, or cotton T-shirts, but they frequently mix their everyday clothes with certain cultural elements or accessories.

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about.

I’m speaking of leather sandals, unique scarves, jewelry, and unusual baggy pants made of special fabrics in Turkey.

These trousers are genderless, so both Turkish men and women may wear them.

Turkey is a big country with a long history of producing high-quality textiles, including furs, jeans, and suits.

Turkish males have always been fashionable and have a flair for fashion.

If you’re an American girl searching for Turkish men or anybody else wanting to date internationals, you’ll probably receive a leather jacket after just a few months of dating.

guys from turkey

Character Traits of Turkish Men

Don’t judge a book by its cover, so why not apply it here?

What are Turkish guys like in relationships?

What is dating a Turkish man like?

These are all fascinating questions that will bring you even more interesting answers!

1. Gentleman rating

There are a few of things that your Turkish boyfriend will do wrong.

Turkish men are loving, passionate, kind, and romantic to the fullest extent.

I am not kidding when I say this sounds like a dream.

Although it may sound too wonderful to be true, I am not exaggerating when I say that Turkish guys will do anything to win you over and even though you won’t be accepting the first compliment or two, they’ll tell you so many lovely things that you won’t be able to stay unimpressed when it comes to your lover. “

Expect to be whisked away on romantic dates and dinners, to be complimented and praised constantly by your Turkish date or a boyfriend, and for everything you do to be appreciated.

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2. Integrity

A Turkish man will do anything he sets his mind to, no matter what. In the past, Turkish men had to endure many different phases and regimes, demonstrating their tenacity, loyalty, and resolve.

They are concerned with what is theirs and are prepared to defend it with their lives if necessary.

It isn’t in their nature or Turkish dating culture to give up easily or surrender without putting up a fight.

Some may see them as stubborn, but they believe that hard work always pays off in the end.

This is why they are so ideal for jobs in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Turkish men are said to be guilty of betrayal or murdering you in the back, but these are simply preconceptions.

Boys from Turkey

3. Loyalty

You may always request your Turkish love to do the same for you.

Turkish men are often extremely devoted and honest in their relationships, and they will frequently demonstrate it to you.

When it comes to commitment, Turkish guys are true and loyal.

Dating Turkish Guys

4. Honesty

When it comes to being in a relationship with a Turkish guy, there is no room for dishonesty or lying.

Because they don’t tolerate it and are repulsed by it, here are some Turkish guy dating tips:

Don’t lie and don’t upset him by being dishonest.

Honesty is the essence of every relationship, not just love ones.

I understand that keeping honest and living freely may be difficult when he restricts your access to your male pals and staying out late, but this is what you get when you date a Turk

Why put up with the risk of losing such a gorgeous guy for a few nights out?

Dating Turkish Guys from the Beach

5. How protective are they?

You’ve probably already recognized that Turkish men will take care of you and do their best to keep you safe.

They won’t trail after you with the same lame pretext as a Puerto Rican man, followed by jealousy, but he’ll try his hardest to explain why you should return home earlier, stay at home for the night, or let him drive you somewhere.

Even though Turkish males are sometimes extremely jealous and possessive, this is not the time for it.

Okay, I’ll confess: it’s when it comes to your clothing.

Since they are mostly Muslim, Turkish guys have a desire to safeguard both their families and partners, which causes them not to get married if they can’t protect their future wives from having a job.

Guy and Lady from Turkey

6. Are they resourceful?

Turkey is a country with a lot of wonderful things to offer, and it is brimming with riches that may be utilized for economic development.

It’s one of the most well-known countries in the world for holidaying since it features gorgeous beaches, fertile fields, and ancient civilizations.

Because winter isn’t cold there, tourists from all over the world flock to Turkey.

Turkish owners of vacation rental apartments and hotels are often wealthy because they have property throughout the year.

7. Maturity

It’s quite clear if you’re looking for whether or not Turkish guys are grownups.

They get married before they turn 30 if they have a decent employment and enough money to provide their families with everything they require.

Turkish boys are reared in a traditional and patriarchal culture, so they are aware of their responsibilities and obligations, which include giving money to their parents as much as possible to assist them financially.

The loyalty they have for their moms is immature, as is their possessiveness, but these traits do not alter throughout a person’s life and are therefore permanent in Turkish men.

8. Self-confidence

This is not a quality that Turkish males are recognized for, like as with Puerto Rican or Cuban men, for example.

While spending time in Turkey and interacting with locals for more than three months, I got the impression that Turkish guys don’t spend much time thinking about their self-esteem.

9. Are they friendly or reserved?

Turkish men were exposed to thousands of tourists every day while doing regular chores or going out for a famous Turkish coffee, so they eventually grew an open and friendly demeanor.

For them, stopping on the streets many times a day to assist visitors, give directions, or just take photos is normal.

As a result, Turkish males are very receptive to meeting new people since Turkish women generally have lighter hair and skin tones or wear headscarves.

Turkish men are adaptable, since their nation is changing in this manner.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Turkish man

Putting the cherry on the top, let’s go over some of the qualities I’ve mentioned and make a clear distinction between virtues and faults that make a Turkish man so appealing to many women.

You could also get some Turkish dating advice.


1. Turkish men have a romantic soul

It’s no longer enough for a guy to be able to find a lady attractive. These days, finding a lover is more about being romantic than it is about being good looking.

This sensual creature’s romantic soul was an inevitable part of these passionate creatures. It makes no difference if you’re his first or his hundredth kiss; he’ll be as romantic with you as if he’d fallen in love for the first time ever.

Turkish guys are well-versed on their cities’ and regions’ unique romantic settings, which will take your breath away completely.

2. They are caring and compassionate

Turkish men are gentle and sensitive, but not in a cheesy way. it’s as if they have a gift for understanding women and delivering what they need, even if their partners aren’t entirely sure what they want.

This is why they’re such fantastic lovers: they can listen to you all day long while maintaining your complete attention if you ask for it.

Turkish guys are devoted to their families and friends, which is how they were brought up by their parents.

Even though they can’t feel what you’re going through or comprehend you when you’re experiencing something, a Turkish partner will always try his hardest to assist you.

3. Turkish guys are charming

Even if you’re a foreigner and a Turkish guy sees you for the first time in his life, he will know what to say.

If you’re here alone and you catch his attention, I guarantee he’ll start bombarding you with compliments and inquiries, no matter whether or not you’re single.

The goal is that unlike Puerto Rican guys, Turkish males will do this in a nice and charming manner, making it impossible to resist their flattery.

Expect to be pampered like a queen since Turkish men are very kind.


1. Language barrier

Even though tourism is abundant throughout Turkey, Turkish men surprisingly little speak English.

This may be due to the fact that many are not fluent in English or because they have a strong preference for speaking their own language.

However, it is what it is, so you’ll need to utilize your hands or software translation tools to find a common tongue.

2. Too jealous and possessive

Unfortunately, many of these qualities can be abandoned if you can’t adapt to Turkish man’s possessiveness.

He isn’t jealous all the time, but eventually you will realize that there aren’t many male friends left in your social circle.

Nonetheless, when going out, he has a hard time controlling his thoughts and keeping things casual. You had the same restriction when you were in high school.

Regardless of how beautiful the circumstance is, if he feels disrespected or that you have hurt his masculinity, he will become enraged and be difficult to forgive.

Their temperament is also a little sour, so avoid fighting with him when he’s nervous or upset. You will be sorry if you do.

3. He will subconsciously try to turn you into his mother

The first thing that comes to his mind when he is awake or watching a football game is his mother.

Because Turkish mothers have an unique relationship with their children and spoil them just a little, you would be irritated by his attempt to make you his mother.

Why didn’t you prepare him the same tea as his mother when he’s sick? What are you waiting for?

Why did you not bring him snacks while he watches a football game, as your mom always used to do?

I am not suggesting that this is the case, but I know it can be too much for everyone.

I’m not saying it’ll work, but try telling him he’s being too clingy or that you won’t be like his mother anytime soon.

4. They are drama queens

Turkish males, like their Puerto Rican counterparts, are dramatic and passionate. If they become ill, they will be theatrical and declare that they will die.

If a group of Turks is having a drink together, gossiping about it might be the highlight of the evening.

This is why Turkish soap operas are so popular in Turkey.

Travelers guide to dating Turkish men

There are three cities that are ideal for meeting attractive Turkish men.

1. Istanbul

Istanbul is a metropolis that straddles two continents and is ready to provide you with the finest locations, best times, beautiful nature, and magnificent monuments.

Istanbul combines history and the contemporary world to create a city that is open to all. The following are some of the greatest places in Istanbul for meeting Turkish males solo:

City Lights Restaurant & Bar InterContinental Istanbul

This is the finest rooftop bar in Istanbul. You can see all of the city, and it’s really romantic.

If you don’t want to dine, you may simply go up there, have a martini, and admire the lovely illumination of Istanbul.

Shisha bars

Because shisha (hookah) is originally from Turkey, these bars are more popular in Europe than in the United States.

Because of the pleasant aroma of different shisha tastes, the atmosphere in these establishments is calm and dark, intimate and sensual.

You do not have to order a hookah to sit and relax if you decide to visit here.

Where to meet Turkish men

Well, this one is easy, right?

To start with, Turkish males are approaching women on the streets, in cafés, bars, and nightclubs, beaches, hotels – basically everywhere.

Don’t just sit there wondering where to meet Turkish guys; go out and walk until you run into them as much as you want!

If things don’t work out the way you planned or if a drink is required to loosen up before approaching someone, have a raki and find out how to meet a Turkish guy for yourself.

How to Conquer a Turkish man’s heart

Some of the qualities listed above, as well as others that may be inferred from them, should be enough to convey a trustworthy image of a typical Turkish male.

Some advice for wooing a Turkish man’s heart and keeping it is concealed or not obvious. Turken are full of surprises.

1. Make him feel manly and needed

A lady in distress doesn’t just boost a guy’s ego, it also makes him feel manly.

You don’t have to be over the top and spoiled to make him feel this way; but every now and then, ask if he’d mind driving you somewhere, opening something for you, or telling you about something.

Turkish guys were socialized from birth to believe that ladies are in need of males who are strong enough to do everything for them.

This is why nothing will make your Turkish partner happier than your desperate need for his assistance.

2. Let him be dominant

Even if he feels empty and unhappy without you, he may not always show it.

You must allow him to feel as if he is in command, no matter how tightly you grip the reigns of your relationship.

Again – pretend that your world would fall apart without him in order to make him believe he is important.

You can be in command in bed or at home, but no one outside those walls will know how much he wept after watching a Turkish soap opera. Nurture his male side by encouraging him.

3. Don’t talk about your past relationships

Turkish men, on the other hand, can take male rivalry to new heights. Even if your ex-boyfriends or former dates are no longer a significant part of your life, avoid talking about them.

A Turkish guy will regard this as a very serious offense and may become enraged for no apparent cause. But we’re all composed of flesh and blood, with both rational and emotional feelings.

4. Let him pay

He may feel great about himself and you’ll stand in front of a mirror wearing a new fursuit if you pay for meals and cover your expenses. It’s a win-win situation, so don’t mess it up by trying to be self-sufficient.

5. Play irresistible

If a Turkish guy approaches you on the street and starts conversing with you, don’t be cold and uninterested; instead, keep a distance for the first few compliments.

Turkish guys will say anything to gain your attention and company, especially if you’re a foreigner.

6. Don’t talk about his weaknesses

If you mention anything that a Turkish man would find objectionable, you are in big trouble.

They don’t want anyone but their girlfriends to know how delicate they can be, and they will never admit if they cried or showed any other indication of vulnerability.

So exercise caution when discussing these issues in front of others because Turkish males are sensitive on the subject.

7. Don’t lie to your Turkish boyfriend

If you decide to give your heart and soul to a Turkish guy, stay sure he would do the same.

They will do anything to keep you around and show affection, and they will never lie to you, which is why you need to stay honest and loyal.

They are a bit tough on forgiving.