Hungarian women – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Hungarian women are some of the most beautiful in the world.

If you are interested in meeting and dating a hungarian woman, then you have come to the right place!

In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about hungarian women, including where to meet them, what to expect, and more!

We will also include LOTS of pictures of hungarian women so that you can get a better idea of what they look like.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

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12 Most Important Traits of Hungarian Girls

Guys, as a rule, are visually oriented. Of course, we want to converse with our partners on an intellectual level, but physical desire awakens our interest in the first place.

So, what exactly is it about Hungarian women that sets them apart from all the other ladies out there?

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What Physical Traits Make Hungarians girls Different from Others?

The following are the most significant physical characteristics of Hungarian women, as well as their rankings.

1. Physical Appearance – Score:10/10

Just like anywhere else in the world, pretty Hungarian girls pay much attention to their overall looks.

If you take a walk through the streets of Budapest, you will be stunned by the attractiveness.

As for Hungarian women body type, note that they aren’t particularly tall – 1.64m on average; despite that, hot Hungarian women are still quite proportionate.

So if you are hoping for a tall blond chick here, you’d be better off with Dutch women.

Hungarian Women Dating

2. Health – Score: 9/10

Hungary’s women are particular about their health, which includes making healthy food and exercising.

This typically entails eating nutritious meals and doing some exercise.

Despite the fact that Hungarian cuisine is heavy in meat and spice, these girls somehow manage to remain fit and healthy.

They enjoy sports as well, and they devote a significant amount of time to playing sports for fun. Water polo is especially popular because the female national team is one of Europe’s best.

Hungarian Women Dating coffee

3. How stylish are they? – Score: 9/10

Hungarian women like to look nice wherever they go.

This is where they resemble their Balkan counterparts, so they won’t go shopping without putting on some cosmetics.

On the other hand, they are able to make a distinction between a professional setting and a social gathering.

You will be captivated by how they follow current fashion trends while remaining so down-to-earth.

Hungarian Women Dating outside

4. Facial Beauty 10/10

You know how they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

As one of the beholders of gorgeous Hungarian women, I can tell you that these ladies have some really attractive faces.

Although they do not make it to the top ten, nor even the top twenty, most beautiful women in the world, Hungary’s girls have a sort of beauty that isn’t apparent at first glance.

Their features are mostly oval and proportional. Their eyes aren’t particularly big, but they are intelligent and penetrating.

Hungarian Women Facial Beauty

What Personality Traits make Hungarian Women Different from Others?

True, we are attracted to a woman at first sight because of her excellent looks and conduct.

However, there must be some qualities that will cause you to stick with her.

Hot Hungarian women are defined by the following characteristics (I should say), which are below ranked (quite good in my opinion).

1. Do they Like Going out and Having Fun?

Hungarians, like their counterparts in neighboring countries, are often mischaracterized in the American media.

They’re typically depicted and thus viewed as restricted and dull, with no distinct features that allow them to have fun.

However, you’ll discover how wrong this is after you arrive. (Even if they are in groups, don’t be discouraged to talk to them.)

In addition to going out on weekends, Hungarian women enjoy drinking wine at cafés and restaurants with their friends.

(Don’t be put off if they’re in a group.)

Additionally, they also like to hit the nightclubs and later on I’ll tell you about the best places to find single Hungarian women.

2. Chill Factor – score: 9/10

If you think you’ll be able to mess around with a Hungarian woman, think again! They’re all chill as long as everything is the way they want it.

And if things aren’t going her way, you’re in trouble.

Listen to your brother; don’t hit on or date other girls at the same time.

Because Hungarian women are faithful and loyal, they expect nothing less from you. Otherwise, they’ll be cool to spend time with even as friends if you’re honest about it.

3. Loyalty – score: 10/10

You’ll find that a Hungarian woman is devoted and loyal in a relationship. Loyalty is crucial to them, and they want it to be mutual at all times.

They are also loyally committed to their families, which they will never betray. However, they are not stupid and can see through any attempt to do wrong things.

4. Good as Mothers

In Europe, culture differs from that which we are familiar with in the United States.

As a result, Hungarians have this characteristic of not hovering over their children but rather teaching them to develop into self-reliant people even at an early age.

They’re nurturing; you may’t deny it. But they won’t let their kids get away with anything unethical. They will do everything possible to raise their children as honest and courteous individuals.

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

Typical Hungarian girls are very open and eager to communicate with any new people, including foreigners.

Here I need to warn you about some frequent Hungarian girl stereotypes you’ll find going around.

Namely, people say how lovely Hungarians will meet you and date you just so they could marry you ASAP and leave their homeland due to the bad economy.

Well, I don’t know about the others, but the girls I met were so far from this ungrounded belief.

Anyhow, they will make friends with you soon enough and are very generous.

6. Are they Romantic? – score: 10/10

Hungarian women are known for their passionate and fiery personality. They are also known for being very romantic, which makes them ideal partners for long-term relationships.

Hungarian women are also loyal and family-oriented, which makes them great wives and mothers.

If you’re looking for a woman who is both beautiful and intelligent, a Hungarian woman may be the perfect match for you.

So if you’re wondering if Hungarian women are romantic, the answer is yes! If you’re looking for a woman who will be your equal partner in life, a Hungarian woman is definitely worth considering.

7. Sexuality

Hungarian women are sexual creatures.

They exude confidence and are known for being some of the most beautiful women in the world. They know what they want and go after it with a passion.

Hungarian women are also known for their temperaments. They can be fiery and quick to anger, but they are also fiercely loyal and protective of those they love.

If you’re looking for a passionate and exciting relationship, a Hungarian woman is definitely worth considering. Just be prepared for her to keep you on your toes.

8. How Likely are They to Date Foreigners?

Hungarians are ready to meet new individuals, and they’re equally open to international dating. They will have no trouble sharing their life with a non-Hungarian guy.

They’ll have no problems sharing their lives with you because of your not being Hungarian.

Don’t worry, she will not expect you to be the sole provider. These ladies are raised so as to believe in equal chances for everyone, so she won’t mind contributing to your mutual well-being.

Just give them a chance and you won’t regret it.

Where to Meet Hungarian Women?

So, now that you’ve asked yourself, “How do I meet a Hungarian girl?” What’s the next step?

Isn’t it true that when you travel to another country, you typically only meet someone after visiting the country?

Naturally there are some disadvantages to international dating. Among them is the fact that you’re usually introduced to someone when you visit a nation. Fortunately, the Internet has arrived.

So do some research before making an account on the correct website. Hungarian females are big fans of internet dating.

There’s no way you won’t be able to find a beautiful Hungarian lady to spend time with once you’ve created an account on one of those sites.

And this is where you’ll discover all of Hungary’s single ladies for your convenience.


As you already know, Badoo is a dating software that was launched in 2006. It is most popular across Latin America and Europe, although it serves customers worldwide.

As a result of this, you, as an outsider, are an excellent male candidate to create a profile and locate yourself a Hungarian girlfriend. Of course, the first step is to register and you can do this via your Facebook account or by filling in a brief form using your email address or mobile number and password.

Then you’ll need to pick your gender preferences and some personal information. After that, you’ll have to upload a picture of yourself. Choose with care, my friend.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting Hungarian Women

Let me tell you where to meet a Hungarian woman once you get to Hungary or where to take her out if you want.

Hungary is a lovely nation with stunning natural surroundings.

Of course, you may take advantage of them, but here are my top three cities for going out when dating Hungarian women.

1. Budapest

The capital of Hungary houses over a million Hungarian men and women, making it an excellent location to meet Hungarian ladies and take them out.

If you enjoy history and historical places, you can go on a tour of Budapest with your date so you can see the sights with someone who knows what they’re talking about.

But because we are here for another purpose – dating and relationships – Budapest has a lot more to offer.

2. Balaton Lake

Yes, you’ve got it correct. The term “balaton” means “lake.” I know – it’s not a city in its own right, and Balaton Lake certainly deserves a spot on the list of Hungary’s best nightlife spots. There is no such thing as a typical day or night at this lake; instead, there are three seasons each lasting from six to ten months.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Hungarian Girl

I’ve covered everything there is to know about how lovely Hungarian women can be, or how awful they may be.

I’m sure you’re now asking yourself whether dating Hungarians is worth it and if so, what you’ll get in return.

Let me explain why you should date Hungary’s beautiful ladies.


1. They introduce you to a new culture

When we speak about international dating, one of the benefits is that you get to meet a whole new world.

You may learn a lot about people’s customs and traditions, as well as their language and cuisine, through this experience.

2. They are honest

Regardless of how you express yourself, know that Hungarian women are trustworthy. She’ll tell you if she likes you.

She will also inform you if she does not like you if that is the case. They aren’t cheats and don’t want to be cheated on.

3. They aren’t clingy

You know how we despise it when our women are completely incapable of performing anything on their own (or at least pretend to be)?

These lovely ladies, on the other hand, are extremely self-reliant.

They enjoy doing things on their own, so a Hungarian girlfriend will not try to monopolize your attention all the time.

She understands that you need your privacy and that she does as well.

4. They are thrifty

You should understand that Hungarian people are not accustomed to the same standard of living as Germans, for example.

As a result, buying too much stuff is not only seen as a luxury but also as a needless burden.

They will not purchase a new washing machine until their old one dies unless its washing machine “swallows” or tears a sock or two from time to time. To an extent, yes.

This is wonderful news for you if you have bigger plans with her because frugal wives make your life simpler..

5. They find happiness in small things

Hungarians, like most people, are cheap with expensive presents. They will also hesitate to accept them.

This is not due to a lack of belief in their worth, but rather due to a desire for you not to spend too much money on them.

Additionally, if you start telling her how much money you saved by not traveling first class or staying at five-star hotels, she’ll probably think you’re up to no good.

Finally, long holidays are just as valuable and nearly as rare that if you suggest taking only a weekend off she would be ecstatic.

6. They are realistic

This quality is sometimes referred to as pessimistic, but Hungarians will look at things from a realistic perspective.

There are no overreactions or drama. Isn’t she a wonderful girlfriend if she doesn’t make any of those things?

7. They are fire under the sheets

They aren’t passive, and when to pace things down or go full speed is a given for them.


You’re probably aware that there are always two sides to the same equation. The other side of dating Hungarian women, for example, is like this.

1. Language barrier

Did you know that Hungary is the only European country where Hungarian is an official language?

It is spoken by Hungarians living abroad, including in Austria, Romania, and Serbia, as well as in Hungary itself. Have you ever heard anyone speak it before?

2. Hungarian girls are blunt

Remember when I said that Hungarian women will tell you when they don’t like you?

Well, now you know that they aren’t paying attention to what they’re saying.

This isn’t directed at you personally; it’s just how they are. If you’re a kind person, Hungarians aren’t for you.

How to Win the Heart of a Hungarian Woman

Let me give you the most relevant Hungarian woman dating recommendations after we’ve gone through all of these crucial topics so far and yes to date.

1. Be a gentleman always.

I’m not kidding. Hungarian women adore having a reliable man at their side.

This, however, does not imply you must be “macho.” Take her out to dinner and allow her to pay for half of the bill. Do things for her even if she can accomplish them on her own.

If she insists, it’s because you’re being judgmental; let her do it since she may perceive you as superior.

I’m not making this up.

2. Get to Know the family

She’s close to her family, so you should know and respect that. She must speak with her mother at least once a day (usually more often) and you are not allowed to hold this against her.

Furthermore, she will encourage you to maintain ties with your relatives even if you are hundreds of miles away.

3. Go past the barrier – Learn the language

I’m not kidding again. Yes, I informed you that the language is difficult. Yes, I understand you’re uninterested.

The latter is acceptable only if you don’t like the girl that much and are simply looking for an excuse to part ways with her.

However, if you truly want to have a strong connection with a woman from Hungary and demonstrate your commitment to her, learning some Hungarian will be the greatest gesture of love imaginable.

Final Word

Hungarian women make excellent dating partners. They are beautiful, intelligent, and have a realistic worldview.

Additionally, they are passionate lovers and excel in the bedroom.

However, there are several things you should know before dating a Hungarian woman.

The most important is to be a gentleman and to learn the language. Respect her family and culture, and she will adore you.