3 Best Alternatives to Tinder to Find Asians

It is very easy to find love these days. The popularity of online dating has changed the dating game.

With these dating apps and websites, it’s easier than ever to find someone anywhere in the world to date or hook up with.

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Is There Asian Tinder?

There is no such thing as an Asian Tinder. Tinder is open to anyone of any nationality.

No matter your race or religion, or where you reside in the world, you can use Tinder. Tinder is readily available in almost two hundred countries.

Tinder is great if you are looking for hookups or long-term romance.

Although if you know you want a serious relationship, a website like eHarmony is your best bet. Ashley Madison is mainly for those looking for hookups.

How to Find Asians Using Tinder

Tinder will suggest matches to you based on your location. How do you find Asians on Tinder, though?

Asians aren’t just on the continent of Asia; you can find an Asian person anywhere in the world.

Tinder offers many filters that allow you to search location, distance, age, and gender.

If you adjust your location to some other part of the country you are in, then your profile will show you all the potential matches from there!

Change your location to an area with a high population of Asians, like Chinatown.

Tinder has a way of surprising us, though. Maybe one day, while swiping, you will come across the Asian girl of your dreams. You never know.

Things to Know When Meeting Asian People on Tinder

Dating an Asian person is exotic, especially if you come from a place that doesn’t have a lot of diversity.

There are things to remember when meeting someone from a culture different from ours.

Here is what to do when meeting an Asian person for a date:

  1. Be polite
  1. Bypass sensitive topics like politics or religion
  1. Don’t be prejudiced
  1. Be open but don’t be pushy

The Advantages of Using Tinder to Meet Asians

Tinder is an excellent choice if you are looking to meet anyone.

Here are the reasons why Tinder is the best dating app for those looking for an Asian woman or any person:

  • Tinder has almost 60 million users globally.
  • The dating app is available in 40 languages
  • Tinder is available in almost 200 countries.
  • Twenty billion matches have been made on Tinder since its launch.
  • Tinder has easy registration. You can sign up using Facebook.
  • Tinder has a simple user interface.
  • There are many features offered on Tinder.
  • Tinder has a contemporary, modern feel.

Top 5 Recommended Alternatives to Tinder for Asia

Yes, Tinder has everything you need in terms of finding the perfect match, but sometimes it’s nice to have more options.

These are the top five alternatives to Tinder for finding Asians.


This site has many people from various parts of Asia. There are many singles on this website. Singles from all over the world are on AsiaFriendFinder, but mostly you will find Chinese people.

It is a free site that is easy to register for. There is a paid subscription service.


TrulyAsian offers users a seven-day free trial. They have sister sites like TrulyThai if you are looking for a specific type of Asian woman. There is not much information given on the profiles.

Asian cupid Dating

Asian cupid Dating is part of the Cupid Dating Network. They have garnered over 2 million users in their ten years of experience.

The website has many success stories making it the perfect spot to find your Asian love.


This website lets you join, search and message for free. It is super simple to register for as well. FindLoveAsia features a Timeline that allows you to see who has boosted their profile recently.


AsiaMe has users from Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Unlike other apps and sites, AsiaMe has many communication options.

However, the AsiaMe platform is not free.

More Websites For You to Seek Asian Partners

It’s always nice to have many options when looking for an Asian woman to date. The following apps and websites are great alternatives to using any of the above websites. The websites are:

  1. Match.Com
  2. eHarmony

Bonus Suggestion

EastMeetsEast is an app whose main focus is the Asian community. The app is free for women, but men must pay the membership fee.

Final Word

Tinder is used to find Asian women, but there are many other options. Now that you have all the information you need, it will be easy for you to find the Asian woman of your dreams.