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This post will talk about WetHunt, a dating site that is relatively popular but doesn’t rate too highly on consumer reports.

WetHunt is all about casual dating and hookups.

People generally don’t look for a long-term partner on this unique dating site. Let’s take a closer look!

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Main Pros and Cons


  • WetHunt offers free messaging
  • You can include pictures in your messages


  • Too many fake profiles
  • Other dating sites can use your profile. It states so in the terms and conditions


WetHunt is a casual dating site. People who use this site are looking for no strings attached to sex.

This website is not one to look for long-term love on. If you are looking for a long-lasting romance, consider using Tinder or Hinge.

You may find love on WetHunt, but there is not what the site advertises.

SimilarWeb states that in January 2021, there were 1.4 million visitors to WetHunt. Those numbers make it a pretty popular dating site.

There are about 3.3 million registered users on WetHunt in the United States. Over 160000 people are active on the site weekly.

That means there are over 20000 people daily on WetHunt.

Gender and Age

WetHunt is similar to other dating sites and apps in that it is a male-dominated site.

The ratio for men to women on WetHunt is three to one. There will be no problem finding a male on the site if you are a woman.

People fifty-five years old and over are the most active on this website. They account for forty percent of the users on WetHunt.

Here is a full breakdown of ages on WetHunt;

  • 55 and over make up 40% of the users. 31% are male, and 9% are female.
  • 25-34 make up 17% of the users. 13% are male, and 4% are female.
  • 45-54 make up 16% of the users. 12% are male, and 4% are female.
  • 35-44 make up 14% of the users. 11% are male, and 3% are female.
  • 18-25 make up 14% of the users. 11% are male, and 3% are female.

Ease of Use

WetHunt is mobile-friendly, but you cannot download it as an app. You can also register from a desktop or laptop.

You will need to provide your email address, gender, and age to register.

There is no need to create a password. You also will not need to verify your email. No password and no verification is a considerable security red flag.

WetHunt Profile

The profile on WetHunt is not very detailed. Always use your best picture as your profile pic.

That is what will garner your attention. There are some details for you to fill in.

You can add in your work, education, and a short bio. Your picture must be your entire face, have no one else in it, and have no pets.

Finding Your Way Around

There is a ton of advertising on WetHunt. Most dating sites have ads, but WetHunt has a lot. The main menu is on the left side of the page.

On that menu, you will find:

  • Encounters- WetHunts roulette-style dating game.
  • Feed- Where you will see other profiles.
  • Messages- Sent and received messages are kept here.
  • Profile- Your profile.
  • Top Users- The most popular profiles on WetHunt are found here.
  • Notifications: All notifications will appear here.


There are many fake profiles on this dating website.

Many of these profiles will try and cheat you out of your hard owned money.

Searching For Hookups

Use the Encounters feature when using WeyHunt. It is a match-type game where you are shown profiles of those near you. You have to decide if you like them or not.

Many profiles run by WetHunt are trying to get you to purchase items on the site.

Since you can try other dating sites, it may not be worth the effort to weed through all the fake profiles on WetHunt.

Profile Indicators

WetHunt has profile indicators on every profile.

These indicators are:

  • UP which is “Unreal Personality,” could be a fake profile
  • ON which is a real personality that is online.
  • OFF a real personality who is offline.

If a person has a green indicator near their name, then chances are they will respond to you.

If the indicator is red, they are not very active on WetHunt.

Making Contact

You will have messages in your inbox before you even finish creating your profile.

If you find someone you want to reach out to, you can message them. Messaging is free on WetHunt.

Key Features

The site is free to use, but there are membership options you can purchase. These options include additional features.

These features include:

  • View full profiles
  • See all pictures a user has posted
  • Connect with the top users
  • Access to all other sites owned by the parent company of the site


The website says that it is free, but they will charge your credit card ninety-nine cents to confirm your age.

  • The fine print reads that they will take 39.00 dollars from your account every thirty days.

Overall Review

WetHunt is not the best dating site on the market.

Free messaging is a plus, but the site has too many fake profiles and advertisements to make it successful.