Signs an Older Woman Wants to Sleep with You +7 Tips

It can be challenging to tell if an older woman is interested in you. Especially if you haven’t had any prior experience with a cougar.

If you are new to dating an older woman, she could be sending you subtle signals you aren’t picking up.

Signs an Older Woman Wants to Sleep With You

In this article, we will guide you through three 3 important topics:

  • Interested in Your Home

  • Get Physical With You

  • Intense Eye Contact


Interested in Your Home

If an older woman wants to know your living situation or if you have a roommate, they will incorporate it into your regular conversation.

She wants to know the chances of being called to your home.

A mature older woman may even ask to see pics from your home. She may want to see what sort of place you have to know if you will be a suitable lay for her.

She will want to get a better idea of who you are.

Do you own a bachelor pad that you used to bring a different woman back to every week? Do you live at home with your mother or father?

Or, do you have a young, hot female roommate? These are all things a cougar will want to know before she sleeps with you.

Living on your own will show her that you are independent and do not need to rely on rent from a roommate to get by.

Those are just some subtle signs; she might just ask to go back to your home with you on the first date.

Older Woman Wants to Sleep with you

An Older Woman Will Get Physical With You

If a mature sexy woman is attracted to you, she will not keep her hands off you. She will rub her hands over your thighs and arms, all the while maintaining eye contact.

Older women are experienced and are not afraid to make the first move, so expect lots of physical touches.

She may kiss you goodnight on the first date to let you know she is interested in you and wants to learn more.

Don’t allow yourself to get too distracted, though. Stay calm and play a little hard to get but not too much because that will turn off a cougar.

Show you are still interested, reciprocate physical touch. Eventually, this can turn into foreplay.

older woman

She Will Maintain Intense Eye Contact With You

Eye contact can tell you a lot about a person, especially if you are just getting to know each other.

Younger women lack the confidence that older women have. They will avoid eye contact. They don’t realize how much their shyness is affecting their sex life.

Older women are not afraid to be sexy and confident. They do not need to get physical to let you know they want you. Their eyes will do all the talking for her.

Older Woman Wants to Sleep

A Mature Woman Will Hint That She Wants to Sleep With You

Once a mature woman is sure she wants to sleep with you, she will hint at sex or make suggestive comments.

Favorite sex positions or how often you have sex can be just some of the questions she can ask that you can assume mean she wants to sleep with you.

There are many signs a woman wants to sleep with you, but the most direct one is her asking questions about your sex life.

If you are interested in her, answer all her questions. You can even suggest going back to your place to continue the conversation.

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She Will Want to Sext With You

Sexting is not just for younger people. MILF’s and cougars love to sext too.

Most mature women will only sext someone they are interested in a long-term relationship with. However, much older women will still do it even if not.

If she suggests sexting, that is more than a sign. That is a surefire way to know she wants to sleep with you.

Engage her and reciprocate the sexting. If anything, the two of you can form a friendship through this.

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