22 Bumble Pick-up Lines in 2022 (BOOST your Conversation)

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It’s 2022, and you’re on Bumble. You’ve matched with a lady/guy, but you don’t know how to start a conversation.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

According to science, there are specific pickup lines that work better than others.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best bumble pick-up lines for breaking the ice and starting a conversation with a guy!

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A Study on the Best Pick Up Lines for Dating Apps

It’s no secret that pickup lines can be cheesy, but sometimes they work – especially on dating apps like Bumble.

A recent study looked at the effectiveness of different pickup lines on dating apps, and found that some pickup lines are more likely to result in a conversation than others.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best bumble pickup lines for getting a response!

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For Women

In general, the research found that women react better if the first lines for girls include a compliment or are amusing.

The worst way to start a conversation with a lady is with the usual “Hey. What’s going on?” or another similar line.

For men

This is not the case for males, who are primarily visual.

Men are typically attracted to someone based on their appearance.

Therefore it’s important to pay attention to your photos and videos as well as the best Bumble pick up lines for guys when you’re looking for long-term relationships (eHarmony or Tinder) or hookups (BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

Example of bumble chats

How Do You Break the Ice on Bumble

You can use any of the excellent Bumble opening lines outlined in the sections below to break the ice on Bumble.

If you don’t want to come up with one yourself, there is another alternative.

  • The Question Game option is available on Bumble.

To begin the Question Game, touch the button on the right and look at the questions that are displayed.

You may also compose your own question if you detect something interesting.

Both you and your match must respond to each question chosen during the game.

When you do, you will be able to start the chat and your answers will be revealed to both of you.

Be honest and open and you will probably have a great conversation.

What Are Bumble Pick-up Lines Like

You can choose various kinds of pick up lines for Bumble. Let’s see what groups can be used to this end.

Classic and cheesy pick up lines.

Things like;

‘Are you from Tennessee?

Because you are the only 10 I see.’

may work very well! And it is often enough to spark a great conversation.

  • Making things too complicated may just get you entangled. If you are nervous, stick to the classics.

Sassy and confident pick up lines.

Things like ‘What is a girl as attractive and full of cuddling wishes doing without your number?’

If you feel this confident, show it. Add some humor and you will get the best bumble openers for guys!

Compliment him

The best Bumble lines should have this component.

Lines such as ‘My type is usually an 8, but I guess I will have to settle for a 10 this time’ will make him feel like the king of the world.

  • If he doesn’t respond to this, you don’t need him!

Show interest

You can go straight to something you liked on his profile and ask in your one-liners: ‘Your pics are great! Are you a photographer?’ or ‘You have great taste in music. What’s your favorite band?’

Make him laugh

Funny opening lines for Bumble will make him smile and that is one big plus for you right to the sole start.

‘Being quarantined is such a bummer, but I’m trying to lock down a cuddler like you.’

Be intellectual

Showing your good perception by asking about the band on his shirt or asking for his favorite book makes him see that more than just a cute girl is sitting on the other side of the chatbox.

You can even ask him a philosophical question such as: Which would you choose: a beautiful but stupid girl or an ugly but smart one?

Be adventurous

If this is your trait, you may well show it by asking him what he would do if he were invisible or whether he wants to play truth or dare.

You can just be yourself, ditch all the corny pick up lines and ask: ‘Hey, how is your Sunday going so far?’ or ‘I have spent half a day thinking of something cute to say, but it seems that the best thing to say is just

Hello, it is very nice to meet you.’

What Are Some Good Starting Lines on Bumble?

Here are the top Bumble pick up lines for guys. If you’re having trouble coming up with amusing Bumble pick up lines or creative Bumble openers, we’ve put together a list of options for you.

  • You can use them as they are or make your own variations to chat up your hookup.
  • RV Polarstern. That is the icebreaker I choose. What is yours?
  • Are you sticky? Because I can’t take my eyes off you.
  • Do you want me to send you a photo of myself? I’d like to display Santa my Christmas wish.
  • Who is the better singer: Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Let’s talk until morning, so I become dear to you.
  • I’m here now. What are your other two wishes, anyway?
  • Hello, my name is Microsoft. Can I stay at your house tonight?
  • Netflix or HBO GO?
  • Two truths and a lie…
  • If we were still in high school, would you ask me to go to prom with you?
  • Would you write a story of our future first date? The trick is to use only emojis.
  • Here is my opening line: —————–.
  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? (Haha, the one and only right answer is brunch!)
  • My phone seems not to work well. I keep getting the warning to add your phone number.
  • I have no idea if we would get along, but I had to send you a message because you also like ____.

What Do You Say to a Guy on Bumble

We’ll utilize this part to provide you with some pro advice on what to say and what not to say in effective Bumble pick up lines for guys.

  • Use his name! According to Whitney Woolfe, the creator of Bumble, this may raise the response rate by 60%. This indicates that a guy is 60 percent more likely to reply if you start your conversation with him by using his name.
  • Smile! Even if he can’t see you, write “[think of my smile and a lengthy eye contact]”, even though he can’t see you. This will stimulate his imagination and cause him to consider about you, your appearance, your smile, your eyes, and so on. You have broken into his head this way.
  • Nurture your connections with others! You may do this in a variety of ways. One: pay him a compliment. Two: tell him something intriguing about yourself. Three: inquire about his hobbies, which you’ve seen on his profile page.
  • Make a joke. However, there are some overused and overly corny pickup lines on Bumble that you should avoid. They have, however, gotten too popular as a result of their effectiveness! So why not take advantage of this and use them as a basis for your own concepts?
  • Remember: short and to the point is the key to a successful Bumble opening line for guys. Please don’t make a novel out of your conversation. He won’t read it. Even if you’re not, he’ll just discard you as uninteresting! You want to keep things simple and short, right?
  • Keep an eye on the clock! You don’t have to write the instant a match is made, but you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. When most people are active, watch for the high hour and make sure your message is delivered during that time.
  • Don’t be afraid to meet in person. Of course, you don’t have to do it right away, but stretching out internet discussion into infinity has a detrimental impact.
  • The cheesy ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ isn’t necessary. You should go above and beyond with your efforts. He is unlikely to react favorably to such a short and basic Bumble first line.
  • Feel free to add sass and sex appeal to your first message, but don’t go too far if you are not willing to follow up and continue the conversation in the same manner.
  • Don’t be overly formal. This isn’t a work meeting. The greatest thing you can do is act naturally.

How to Respond to Pick Up Lines on Bumble

If you’re unsure how to answer a pick up line on Bumble, you’ve come to the correct place. Simply be yourself. Respond in whatever manner feels most natural at the time.

Use your feelings about the person and their opening phrase as inspiration for your response.

You have a few options when it comes to flirting, including GIFs, memes, and puns. A pleasant reply to a good pick up line can be anything!

Perhaps you’ll get along with the other individual because of your sense of humor.

Perhaps you won’t enjoy the current Bumble jokes, such as the polar bear or father jokes, that she used. Never mind; trust your instincts and follow your heart.

Final Word

While many people resort to cheesy pickup lines, you don’t have to. You can come up with your own opening line that is more natural and fitting for the situation.

Keep in mind that it’s important to be yourself when responding to someone else’s pickup line. Remember, the key is to maintain a light and fun conversation!


What Does the Three Lines and Quotes Mean on Bumble?

If you see three vertical lines, there are no more possible matches within a certain distance. The quotations represent the Question Game. The First Move privilege is given to the individual who makes the first move in any conversation. That person chooses a question and both parties answer it, beginning a discussion.

What Can I Say Instead of Hey?

It’s not a good idea to start off a conversation with “Hey” or “Hello.” They are not effective starting lines. You may use many different Bumble opening lines instead. See the section above for suggestions.

What Is a Good First Message on Bumble?

It’s entirely up to you to select the method you’ll take and what kind of first impression you want to make. You have the option of using one of the top Bumble openers for guys or coming up with your own.


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