Bumble Hookup Guide (2022)

[6+ Tips How to Find One?]

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So you want to know how to score a Bumble hookup? You’re in luck.

  • This guide is going to teach you everything there is to know about finding one, whether or not it’s even possible, and what the benefits of doing so might be.

Keep reading to get started!

Bumble hookup guide

Is it possible to hook up on Bumble?

The main reason why is that while Bumble appears to be only for serious relationships on the outside, it can definitely help you discover one-night stands.

  • Perhaps the most significant advantage of Bumble is that it may be used for both serious relationships and casual dating.

If you want to use this popular dating app to look for hookups, the most important thing you can do is be honest about it.

Bumble texting for hookup

Consider including this information in your bio or making sure the person understands before going on a first date if you decide to utilize this popular dating app as a means to find hookups.

  • Another thing to consider is that a one-night stand can happen spontaneously.

You go on a date with your match, you have a fantastic time, and you decide not to see them again because it felt right for that individual.

If you’re looking for just hookups, be clear about it since avoiding it would be unethical.

  • According to a Bumble survey, 4% of Bumble users are there to find hookups, while 85% are looking for commitment.”

This might appear to be a negative statistic, but it’s important to remember that it refers only to those who are looking for one-night stands.

The fact is that there are most certainly more individuals seeking for hookups as well as long-term relationships.

So, if you love how Bumble works and think it’s a superior alternative to an app solely for hookups, you should definitely join it.

Laid on bumble

How To Hook Up On Bumble?

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Bumble is a hookup app and attempt to connect with each other.

Now that we’ve established that, even though Bumble isn’t a hookup app, it may be done, let’s look at how to make a connection on Bumble successfully.

Here are some of the most useful tips for connecting on Bumble and answering concerns about how to get hooked up on Bumble.

1. Let Your Pics Speak For You

Even though we all know Bumble doesn’t allow for particularly raunchy pictures as a profile photo, you may still utilize the power of photos to convey that you’re searching for a one night stand and some sexting. What you need to do is pick your finest shots, as well as any images that exude sexual energy.

Take advantage of photographs where you’re having fun; perhaps even one with you out on a Saturday night with your pals.

As usual, pictures with pets are always welcome. Basically, portray yourself having a good time since hookups are often regarded as a “just for fun” endeavor.

When making an online dating profile, it’s typically advised that individuals avoid selfies, but if you have some photographs that you’re particularly fond of, this may be the moment to include one or two.

Selfies demonstrate how laid-back you are and might suggest that you like your dating to be as well.

2. Bio Is Important (Most of the time)

As we already said, it would be great to use your bio to communicate that you’re looking for casual things, as people will know right away whether they should give up and swipe left, or swipe right and get right on to it.

You should utilize your bio to attract potential matches by expressing your objectives.

Make sure that your bio is light-hearted and easy-going, and that it includes a little humor.

This is especially crucial for males. Men have less interesting bios as a result of their greater reliance on photographs when choosing partners, which is entirely reasonable. They believe that females do the same thing.

The best bio is the one that will be the most helpful when it comes to beginning a friendly conversation; this is what does the matchmaking in this app.

And, just to keep you reminded, if you’re a guy, you can’t be the first to make contact on Bumble.

Only a woman may start chatting with another user on Bumble because she’s first to reply.

As a guy, your responsibility is to provide her with an incentive for doing so; go and improve your bio as quickly as possible.


As for the photo, make sure it’s adorable.

If you’re just looking at your profile and not messaging people, I’d recommend keeping this one on so that they know who you are and may come back to visit your page later.

See bellow for a photo example



See our full photo guide here.

Add Emoijs

To keep things simple in a sea of similar profiles, add some emojis as well; these also convey that you’re on Bumble to have fun.

Once or twice, add a kiss/lips emoji; maybe include some cocktail symbols as well.

These will show that you’re up for some fun involving drunks and, yes, kisses. Simply have fun and be yourself. That advice has a lot of truth behind it because it is absolutely correct every time.

3. Spicing Up The Conversation

Teasing is yet another wonderful idea. This works amazingly with humor as well.

Teasing the individual about a variety of things once you’ve established the foundation with your flirty remarks will achieve great results.

Some simple ideas for making the discussion interesting are:

  • asking “would you rather” questions
  • talking about fantasies

Tell something along the lines of, “The X thing you do/say turns me on.”

when the conversation does get sexual, say “it’s such a shame that you’re not here now”

Saying things like that will lead you to make a deal about actually being in the same place at the same time.

4. Just Ask

Finally, the only thing you have left is to ask the individual out when you’ve had enough of talking and suggestive conversations. The next time you’re chatting, just shoot your shot and ask when you’ll be seeing each other.

If they’ve been talking for a long time and appear interested in your spicy talks, they’ll most likely respond with a date and location in mind.

Even though you’re there simply to hook up, you should avoid going straight to your match’s house.

You may begin the evening with a date by going for a few cocktails to break the ice and ensure that the individual you’re with is trustworthy.

Consider attending a concert or a party if the pandemic allows it. In situations like that, you can’t talk much, and the only thing you’ll have left is to communicate with your bodies and movements.

This will make it way easier to end the night the way you both want to.

If you’ve already engaged them in a discussion about Netflix and Chill and you’re sure they’ll be cool with it, then and only then may you invite them over directly and ensure that it goes your way.

Just make sure the chat doesn’t drag on for too long before inviting them out.

They might believe you aren’t interested in them anymore, which will cause their interest to go down, ruining everything.

Is Bumble Good For Hookups

Is Bumble only for hooking up, despite their advertising, or is it a genuine relationship app through and through, with advice on how to do it?

We should come to a conclusion about whether utilizing Bumble for hookups is a good idea. The answer is that it can be excellent if you’re the sort of person who fits into this category.

On Bumble, coupling isn’t as simple as on other apps; therefore, if you’re someone who isn’t seeking for anything serious but likes Tinder a little too much, Bumble would be an excellent alternative.

Bumble is a fantastic app, and it’s one of the safest around. That’s another benefit. This might also be an indication of the sort of people who use this app.

While not everyone on Bumble right now is looking for something serious, most are likely to be serious and mature individuals who are looking for someone serious themselves.

This can give you confidence that you’ll meet fewer immature folks who aren’t very trustworthy during your search for possibilities and fun. Something will undoubtedly turn up!


Overall, Bumble is a great app for finding hookups. The process of finding someone to hook up with may be a little more difficult than on other apps, but it’s well worth it because the people you’ll meet are more likely to be serious about relationships.

Additionally, Bumble is one of the safest dating apps available, which is another bonus.

Just make sure you’re clear about what you’re looking for before getting too involved in the conversations with potential matches.


What exactly is a hookup? Is it possible to tell if a Bumble date is one?

If someone is excessively flirtatious and suggestive, it’s probable that they have a hookup in mind for that date in mind.

Also, if they never mentioned anything about long-term relationships or suggested any future plans involving both of you, there’s another clue to keep an eye out for.

How to hookup with a girl on Bumble?

The guys must give the ladies a good reason to contact them first. Make sure your profile is excellent to begin with.

While you’re talking, make sure everything remains lighthearted, but also that the discussion heats up.

How do you ask for a hookup on Bumble?

To begin, make sure your bio makes it clear that you’re only interested in having fun and a casual relationship.

Then spice things up a bit and see how the other person reacts. If they respond favorably, keep going in the same manner.

How to make a Bumble hookup less awkward?

The best approach to reduce the uncomfortableness is to have a sense of humor, so make certain that your conversation has some levity.

When you’re flirting and being provocative, try to be witty as well as amusing.

Is Bumble a good hookup site?

If you want to get to know someone before having sex, Bumble might be a good option for you.

If you want to lay it all out there right away and talk about everything, Bumble may not be the best choice for you.


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