If you’re using the Bumble dating app, then you know that they are always updating their features to make the experience better for users. Their latest addition, Bumble Extend Match, will help you extend your match with someone else on the app. This feature is still new, so here’s a guide on how to use it!

What Is Bumble Extend Match Feature?

Bumble Extend Match allows you to pick a specific individual and extend the countdown timer for another 24 hours, allowing both of you more time to get in touch. This only works on individuals who are potential matches or already on your beeline, and it can’t be used on those that have chosen “swipe left” on your account.

Since women are the ones who need to send the first message on Bumble, if they don’t reach out to you even within those additional 24 hours, then you really shouldn’t be pushing them too much, and you will not be able to extend the match for additional 24 hours.

How Can You Extend A Match On Bumble?

It’s easy to extend your match on the app, and the procedure will take you less than 30 seconds. All you have to do is go to your chosen match’s dating profile, tap on it, and select “Extend” from the drop-down menu.

Choose “Daily Extend” and set the timer for a 24-hour period; after this, your match should be stretched for one more day. Bumble works thus: it starts counting down from the moment you click, and once that time limit has passed, you will be unable to communicate with this individual at all.

Can I Extend A Bumble Match For Free?

If you want to maintain matches that have expired, you must do so using Bumble Extend Matches. Each user has only one Bumble Extend Match per day. If you want to extend your search and contact several disconnected individuals, you’ll need a Bumble Boost or Premium account, or spend money on additional Bumble coins.

Can You Only Extend A Match On Bumble Once?

If someone doesn’t respond to you after 24 hours, you can only use the Extend match option once on them. However, if you have a premium membership, or you have paid for additional boosts and extends, you will be able to use as many extensions as you want each day.

Is Bumble Extend Match Worth It?

Whether this capability is worth it or not depends on how you talk and deal with people, so I believe the outcomes are varied for everyone. If someone was distracted and forgot to send you a message, they will do that as soon as they see your notification of interest. If they aren’t interested in you, no feature can help you; there is also no Bumble mode to assist you.

As a result, don’t squander your money on those who appear to be disinterested and concentrate instead on the finest for yourself.


The Bumble Extend Match feature is a great way to give yourself more time to chat with someone you’re interested in. This feature is still new, so here’s a guide on how to use it!


How many times can you extend a match on Bumble?

You can use this feature only once on each account, but you may use it an unlimited amount of times on different accounts.

Can a guy extend a match on Bumble?

Yes, both men and women will be able to utilize the Extend match feature on Bumble without restriction.

Does it cost money to extend a match on Bumble?

One free Extend match is provided to everyone, but if you want to be a busy bee and use it on additional people, you’ll either need a premium membership or pay for each match separately.

What happens when you extend a match on Bumble?

When you extend a match on Bumble, the person whom you’ve extended gets a notification and has an additional 24 hours to act or otherwise pass up your request.

What does it mean when someone extends a match on Bumble?

When someone extends a match on Bumble, it means that they want to get some sort of reaction out of the other person. They want to know if the other person is interested in dating or hooking up.

What Should You Say to a Hinge Match [to Get a Reply] in 2022

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It can be hard to break the ice on Hinge.

You don’t want to come across as too aggressive, but you also don’t want to seem uninterested.

If you’re not sure what to say, don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best conversation starters for Hinge in 2022. Keep reading to learn more!

How Do You Start A Hinge Conversation?

When you text someone for the first time on a dating app, it is best to stay in your comfort zone.

Don’t try too hard to come up with original conversation starters. Many of the online dating conversation starters examples are not even good, and they can just make you embarrass yourself in front of the girl or guy you wish to impress.

Because your dating profile and Hinge prompt answers already reveal a lot about your interests and humor, the icebreaker does not have to be something you spend hours developing.

If they didn’t find you interesting when they swiped right on your dating profile, there’s no way they’ll do it now after meeting you face-to-face. When texting them for the first time, keep it cool and send them a simple message, just like you would if meeting them in person.

What Are The Best Online Dating Conversation Topics?

On Hinge, questions should always be personal and amusing, which necessitates humorous Hinge responses but not serious or contentious subjects like this.

As a result, I also don’t advise being open about your political views or declaring who you intend to vote for since it may lead to a lot of difficulties..

The dating app conversation topics should always be light, so make sure you don’t go to the dark side when talking to someone.

How To Start A Conversation On Hinge With A Girl?

If you want to pick someone from this platform, you’ll need to look through her profile carefully before choosing the finest conversation starter and coming up with unique date ideas that she might like.

These are, however, some of the most effective methods and techniques for finding out how to chat to girls on Hinge.

1. Look at her pictures

After viewing all of her photographs, you’ll be able to come up with a number of intriguing conversation starters.

If she’s posted images from the mountains and hikes, you may always make a joke about it or offer her a compliment on how wonderful she is to live like that.

2. Leave comments

The Hinge allows its users to leave comments on other people’s timely answers or photos, which is a fantastic method to jumpstart a discussion with an intriguing girl.

Make a witty remark and see whether she responds.

3. Start with a compliment

If you think a girl looks like a celebrity, you can reach out to her by sending her a picture of the celebrity and telling her how much they look alike. This will make her feel good about herself and make you look more attractive to her.

How To Start A Conversation On Hinge With A Guy?

Many girls have trouble starting conversations on dating apps.

This is because they don’t know what to say. The best Hinge advice usually applies to guys, but you can still use it to your advantage.

1. Ask them about their work

Every guy enjoys working, and certain of the greatest Hinge openers for guys are inquiries about their job and their performance in this area.

They adore to boast about their accomplishments in life, so this is a topic you’ll be able to talk about for hours.

It may also be an excellent smooth opening message, so if you’re totally set on playing it like this, make sure you know what they do for a living and that they enjoy and appreciate their work.

2. Praise their hobbies

If they’ve mentioned anything about their interests that don’t include Netflix and chill, this can be a fantastic conversation starter and a topic you may build an intriguing connection over.

Men spend a significant amount of their free time on various hobbies, and they will genuinely appreciate it if girls are interested in the same thing.

3. Be Curious

Don’t be afraid to inquire a bit more about it if you come across a quote or an intriguing response on their dating profile.

Men appreciate women who are interested in learning everything they can about someone they find attractive, so send them a random message asking them about their hobby or one specific photograph on their profile.

It will also demonstrate that you are not afraid to reach for the things you desire, and that you have enough confidence, which is always a positive indicator for men.

What Are Some Online Dating Messaging Tips?

1. Avoid ghosting

On dating apps, you should always avoid ghosting people. If you don’t like someone, be upfront and honest with them; otherwise, you can get a bad reputation on the app.

I think you shouldn’t want to be ghosted by anyone, therefore it’s always best to act in the manner you would like others to treat you.

2. Don’t screenshot other people’s profiles

You should ignore someone’s profile or quick answer if you find it stupid; don’t broadcast it to other Hinge users.

If you post other people’s profiles on Hinge and talk about them, be aware that this may reach them, and it will reflect badly on you.

Once you acquire a negative reputation among users on one platform, it’s almost impossible to repair the damage.

3. Don’t talk about hooking up

Hinge is a dating software for those who are searching for long-term relationships, so avoid talking about hookups.


What is a good first message on Hinge?

Whatever you feel may be of interest to your potential partner, and something that could spark a lot of Hinge comments, is a good first message. It should be light, amusing, and intriguing enough to pique both of your interests.

What should I say to start a conversation on Match?

Always maintain your character and never send jokes or conversation starters that are outside of your comfort zone since you may make a terrible first impression.

Make sure it’s something you’d say in real life, and be careful not to sound insincere;

How do you invite someone to a chat on Hinge?

Sending someone a message through their profile is the simplest way to get them to join Hinge chat, and once you’ve matched someone, you can do it. Sending a rose might help you match with someone.

They will have the option of whether or not they would like to respond to your inquiries.

What to say to someone on Hinge?

What you’ll say to your possible match on Hinge is entirely up to you, but make sure it’s not something trite that’s been said a million times before.


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